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Summer Savings: Steps to Take in Reducing Your Summer Electricity Bills

Summer Savings: Steps to Take in Reducing Your Summer Electricity Bills

Summer Savings: How to Reduce Your Summer Electricity Bills

The average U.S. home will use about 5% less electricity this coming summer than last year’s, according to the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) “Short-Term Energy Outlook” report. This projection came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s forecast that temperatures will be colder for this year’s warm season compared with 2018’s. The EIA expects that overall, people will spend less on their energy bills because of the reduced need to crank up their cooling equipment.

Though this is good news for everyone, you can’t avoid rising energy bills during the summer. The EIA still believes that electricity prices are always at their highest during the warm season, especially in places with hot and humid summers like Salt Lake City. This is because there’s an increased demand for power stations to address the extra load that cooling appliances throughout the country take. If you want to have a better time paying them, consider taking these steps.

Summer Savings: Steps to Take in Reducing Your Summer Electricity Bills

Make the Most Out of Your Fans

Before turning your AC on, try to see if your electric fans provide enough cooling to keep you comfortable. An Australian study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that electric fans may be enough to give appropriate cooling during a heatwave. The researchers analyzed the vital signs of eight healthy males sitting in a chamber with temperatures equal to about 97 degrees Fahrenheit. They tested temperatures with and without an 18-inch fan facing the volunteers. The results showed that electric fans helped in averting elevations in the participants’ body temperature, and heart rate in temperatures of up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the heat is just too much for comfort even with an electric fan, turn on the AC to the point that it’s cool enough in your room or house and turn it off again. Switch on your fans and enjoy the comfort of cold air with minimal spikes in your bill. If you still see significant jumps in your bills like before, enlist the help of an electrical contractor to check your home for faulty wiring that could lead to increased energy consumption.

Get Your House Insulated


The United States Department of Energy (DOE) says that insulation is essential in making a home energy efficient. While it does help in reducing heat flow in your home, it can’t bring down your electrical bills drastically on its own, according to Green Building Advisor. So you should use proper insulation with other energy-saving methods to maximize your savings during hot summers.

Hire a professional to inspect your home for any underinsulated rooms. Not only will adequate insulation help you bring down energy bills during the summer, but you’ll also feel the savings all year as it’ll keep the house toasty come winter.

Find Appropriate Coverage

The DOE states that over 76% of the sunlight that enters a window becomes heat that penetrates the home. As such, it recommends using appropriate window coverings like insulated cellular shades that reduce unnecessary heat from the sun by about 80%. If you don’t have the cash to invest in insulated cellular shades, keep your windows closed and use thick drapes to block the sun out.

While the pool parties and barbecues are fun, summer’s extreme heat spells trouble for both your bank account and your ability to sleep comfortably. Follow these tips, and you won’t just have a more comfortable home, but you’ll have more extra cash to spend on trips and fun activities this summer.


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