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Sweet Dragon Fire Drinks

Sweet Dragon Fire Drinks

Sweet Dragon Fire Drinks

Sweet Dragon Fire Drinks are easy to make and the perfect drink for the kids’ Dragons: Race to the Edge party. Because I’m frugal I decided that making these fun drinks would be cheap as well as delicious and they ended up being just that. After the fact that I had them made I had another idea that would work as well. You could get maraschino cherries, and freeze them into the ice trays and then you wouldn’t have to worry about the food coloring found in this drink. But so much for that idea, that will have to be another day! But for these, I used the store version of Lemon Lime soda, food coloring, plastic cups and of course ice trays.

It does take a little bit of time to freeze the ice trays but other than that, it is a simple recipe that makes it look like fire!

Fire-IceAs you can see on the left hand side all I did was fill the ice tray with water, then I used red and yellow food coloring. I dropped two drops of each into each individual ice cube hole and then placed it into the freezer. The freezing of the ice mixed the colors together and it turned out to be a pretty orange/red color. Then, when it was time to assemble the drinks all I had to do was throw the ice cubes into the cup and pour the pop over them.

Sweet Dragon Fire Drinks Ice

All that is left is to enjoy the fruits of your labor with this colorful and fun Sweet Dragon Fire Drink!

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Don’t forget to check out Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix and whip up some Dragon Snot for your party!


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