T is for Titanic or Titaniac (Titanic+Maniac-Man)=Titaniciac

T is for Titanic or Titaniac  (Titanic+Maniac-Man)=Titaniac  Which is a term of endearment for a Titanic lover like myself as well as thousands of others!! This past Saturday we got to go to the Titanic Attraction in Branson, Missouri and we spent a couple hours there! There were 8 of us in our party and we were greeted with the happiest and most helpful staff. Each staff member we came across had something new and exciting to tell us about the Titanic, the Titanic’s journey and it’s tragic ending. We no more than got into the door and I had goosebumps because it was such a surreal setting.

You feel like you are on board the Titanic the entire way through the ship. The stories that are being told are of that dreadful night when the Titanic sank but you can’t help but feel amazed by the power and history of not only the deceased but the ones that survived that dreadful night. The story that stuck out most in my mind was the one of Millvina Dean who was the youngest passenger aboard the Titanic at only 2 months old. She was having financial difficulties later in life and Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio came to her rescue. After she sold of her remaining personal memorabilia of the Titanic, they stepped up to the plate and gave her $30,000 to help care for her the rest of her life in the nursing home. She died May 31, 2009 and was the last remaining living passenger of the Titanic.

T is for Titanic

We were also greeted by the Titanic Fantasy Princess and lots of great Christmas decorations!! The Titanic Fantasy Princess brings new magic to the Titanic every Wednesday through Sunday from Thanksgiving weekend until December 31st. Meeting the Titanic Princess was especially memorable for the 8 year old Coy in our group. His face was priceless as he starred at her majestic presence at almost the end of journey.

We were astonished at the life like details  throughout the entire experience and enjoyed our trip. Our fate of our “passenger” card was revealed at the end of the journey and out of all 8 of us 4 lived and the other 4 perished. Hailey our Titaniac of the bunch even learned a few things and went through the entire exhibit in amazement. We give the Titanic 5 out of 5 stars and is a must do if you are in the Branson, Missouri area.

I received complimentary tickets in exchange for my review but regardless all opinions are my own. I highly recommend the Titanic Attraction in Branson, MO for your next trip. Don’t forget to check out their events page as well because they have lots of great events to attend.