Tales of Sasha

I received Tales of Sasha (book 1 and book 2) in exchange for this post; however, all opinions are 100% my own.

If you’re looking for a new chapter book for your child to read, Tales of Sasha is a great place to start. My son is an emerging reader, so it can be difficult to find a beginning chapter book that is his level. That’s why I was so excited to try out the Tales of Sasha. This chapter book series is perfect for kids who are ready to start reading chapter books for the first time. 

Tales of Sasha - Beginning Chapter Book

It’s Interesting

This beginning chapter book is very interesting. My son couldn’t wait to find out what Sasha’s big secret was. He loved the adventures that Sasha and Wyatt went on as they learned about Sasha’s past. Every time he picked up the book, he read for longer than he needed to. Tales of Sasha - Beginning Chapter Book

It’s Age Appropriate

Tales of Sasha is also age appropriate. It is made for kids between the ages of 6-8. The reader easily understands this beginning chapter book series. The text is also easy to follow and the pictures help add interest to the story. Tales of Sasha - Beginning Chapter Book

I would definitely recommend this beginning chapter book series to the little reader in your life. Your child will love it just as much as my son did.

Tales of Sasha

little bee books has some big news! In 2017 we’ll be releasing a brand new chapter books series called Tales of Sasha. Perfect for fans of My Little Pony, Tales of Sasha stars Sasha, a little horse with a BIG secret and her best friend Wyatt as they embark on a magical journey to learn about Sasha’s past.

Tales of Sasha

The first two books in the Tales of Sasha series will be published on January 3, 2017. In Tales of Sasha: The Big Secret, readers are introduced to Sasha and Wyatt, kindhearted and spirited young horses that live in Verdant Valley. Sasha has always felt a bit different than the other horses. For starters, she looks nothing like her two older sisters, who are black and brown while Sasha is pale gray—except for a small white patch on her back. Whenever Sasha’s patch begins to itch and sparkle, she is overwhelmed by the urge to soar. When she tells her parents how she feels they confess that they found Sasha wrapped in a golden blanket years ago with a note that read “Please keep Sasha safe until we can see her again”. Sasha is shocked and decides to go on a quest to find her birth parents and takes Wyatt along on the adventure where they soon discover that she is no ordinary horse.

Book Two, Tales of Sasha: Journey Beyond the Trees chronicles the quest that Sasha and Wyatt embark on to solve the mysteries of Sasha’s past, leading them beyond the Verdant Valley and into the forest. Will Sasha learn where she came from and meet horses that are just like her?

Stay tuned for the next chapter book series coming in March! Ella and Owen will be starring twin dragons who couldn’t be less alike.