Taming The Beast: The Best Ways To Help A Friend Through Pregnancy

Taming The Beast: The Best Ways To Help A Friend Through Pregnancyö

Pregnancy is never easy. Nothing causes so much strain on the body or so many changes in a short time. It’s no wonder pregnant women can be hard to grasp. Those of us who have been through it know that pregnancy can be a stressful time. It can feel as though no one understands what you’re going through, least of all yourself. That’s why it’s important to be there for a pregnant friend. It won’t be easy, but friendship is about weathering the storm together. Start your support by taking time to celebrate with her. Treat her to a meal out, and talk through all the exciting things to come. This is the easy part. But, things will get difficult down the line. Here’s what you can do to help her through.


It can be tough to feel special when you’re working hard at growing a human. Far from the glow of pregnancy we’re led to expect, your friend will feel stressed, overwhelmed, and sick to her stomach. The best way to get her through is to make her feel special. Tell her she’s beautiful whenever you get the chance. She may not believe you, but it’s important anyway. She’s probably feeling far from it, and hearing the compliment may go some way to lifting her mood. It can also pay to buy her treats. Small things, like her favorite foods, or a magazine, will make all the difference. It can be tough, the feeling that your body is no longer your own. Knowing that someone cares enough to treat her will help her regain a sense of self.


As a best friend, it’s your responsibility to ensure your friend gets the baby shower of her dreams. Make sure that she gets spoilt on the day. Remember how important it is to make her feel special? This is also a day to remind her why she’s going through pregnancy in the first place! You may want to surprise, but it’s also worth asking her how she would like her shower to be. That way, you can ensure you get it right. Make things fun by coming up with baby shower games, and preparing baby themed nibbles. Planning aside, get her a gift to cherish. Something like these custom baby shower shirts are sure to go down well. Try to think of a meaningful gift that she’ll keep for a long time to come. This is also the first gift her baby will receive from you, so make it a good one!


The chances are, she’ll be feeling irritable. There are going to be occasions where she snaps or loses her temper. It’s important you roll with the punches. Her hormones are all over the place, and you need to remember that her reactions are nothing to do with you. If you feel she’s particularly irritable one day, leave early. Whatever you do, don’t get drawn into an argument.