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Teach My Toddler Review

Teach My Toddler Review

Teach My Toddler Review

Education is one of the most important things that we do for our kids as well as ourselves. Being an educator I understand the importance of a great start of education in the earlier years. I was thrilled to get the chance to review and giveaway Teach My Toddler products! (The giveaway will be opening on July 27th, so stay tuned.)  I opened the package like a kid in a candy store and the quality was outstanding.

In the light blue tote with carrying handle included some amazing products. There was puzzles, a poster, a book as well as flashcards for each subject area. The quality was outstanding on each of them and have remained their quality over the last month of us using these products daily. Because I don’t have a toddler at home, I have been using my nieces and nephews for this review as well as a couple of my sister’s daycare kids.

There are 5 kids ranging from 2 years- 4 years using this kit on a daily basis and it has held up to our standards. The kids love to “play school” as they call it. All three of the 4 year olds  all know their colors and take turns reading each other the book. Which are great sight words to have in their vocabulary, even the two year old’s are starting to say the colors when the older children do.

The puzzles are by far one of their favorite activities to do. When we take the pieces out we pile them all up on the floor or table where we are working. Then they get to take turns putting the numbers in, but they have to be able to tell us the number or we count. The boy on the right just found 10 and the girl found 3. It was a quick shot, but I’m glad I got it. When they read the number book they all count almost in unision of each of the items on the page. The don’t need to count them anymore but it’s habit so they keep counting, and learning. We say its a win, win situation.

The Alphabet section has both lowercase and uppercase letters which I believe is extremely important for all toddlers to learn. The kids love saying their abc’s as they put the letters into the puzzles. We even have races to see who can say them correctly and get all of the puzzle pieces into the right spots. The more fun you can make learning the more kids will want to do it.

Shapes and numbers also are included into the Teach My Toddler kit. This is by far the best collection of items to help teach your toddler at home I have ever seen or tried. I would pay the $49.99 any day of the week because of the high quality and the endless hours of educational fun Teach My Toddler brings to your house. Your kids are never to young to start learning and learning pre-reading strategies. Check out Teach My Toddler today

The products in this post was given to me in exchange for my review/opinion by Teach My Toddler Even though these products were provided to me at no cost, I only personally recommend products that I think will be good for myself and readers. Thanks to Teach My Toddler for allowing me to review these great products.

Heidi Gray

Money saving Mom/Nan (Grandma) of 1, who loves to travel, cook, and of course spend time with family. Fun.Travel.Food not necessarily in that order serving Missouri and beyond!



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Susan Johnson

I saw a giveaway of a similar kit from this company on a website and wondered if this was actually as good a product as the product’s promoter said it was. I felt that the sales pitch from the creator that came with the review was a bit oversold. After reading your review, I think I might have misjudged the promotion, because your children were so involved in playing with the kit. I’m glad to hear that this is a kit that works, and that it can be used successfully with multiple children of different ages. Thanks for the review.