When Temptation is Too Close for Comfort: How to Eat a Healthy Diet When You Work at Home

When Temptation is Too Close for Comfort: How to Eat a Healthy Diet When You Work at Home

Working from your home has many advantages, yet for those who are undisciplined when it comes to food, being so close to the cupboards and fridge can be a curse. Therefore, those who work from home can benefit from a number of insights that will help them stay productive but away from the fridge. Here’s how to eat healthy when you’re working from home.

When Temptation is Too Close for Comfort: How to Eat a Healthy Diet When You Work at Home

Stay Mindful


It seems so simple yet those unaware of a problem will continue to visit the fridge, adopt a poor diet, or rely too much on fast food. To start, be mindful of the dynamic of working at home, being close to food, and using snacking as an escape from work. For some, being mindful is not enough to resist temptation, yet realizing working from home warrants attention to one’s diet is a good place to start.


Clear the Fridge


If you’re a snacker or worried that you will continuously take food from the fridge throughout the day, clear the fridge from food. You won’t be able to eat if the fridge is barren. Rather than keep the fridge stocked, you’ll need to go to the grocery store each night after work. It may seem like a drastic solution for some, yet it works.


Stay Out


Stay out of the kitchen during normal working hours. Like mirroring a workday away from the house, don’t enter the kitchen until later when you would normally be home after work. If you don’t enter the kitchen, you won’t need to worry about consuming extra calories or spending too much time away from your work. If needed, consider getting a coffee maker or mini fridge to place in your home office, so you don’t have reason to go into the kitchen.


Get Fit


Sure, you can eat at home, and you can workout there too. Get fit at home, having a reason to take breaks from work while adopting a healthier lifestyle. Since being healthy is a lifestyle shift, a home gym workout may inspire you to eat healthier and reduce the number of times you snack throughout the workday.


Keep a Diary


Some people gain discipline when they have a better idea of how much food they consume. Keeping a food diary will remind you of what you eat and how many calories you’ve consumed throughout the day. While you may have constant access to the refrigerator and cupboards, you’ll also be reminded daily as to whether your diet is healthy or filled with too much snacking and eating at odd times.


Select a Hangout


Those who are healthy make eating right a part of a routine. Rather than rely on what you have in the kitchen or preparing food yourself, select a few local restaurants, delis, and takeout places with healthy menu selections. Go to the food destinations for food so the kitchen doesn’t become a focus throughout the day. Eating out gives you a reason to leave the house and places to eat healthy meals.


Millie Godfrey started working from home a few years ago, and soon started putting on some extra weight! She writes about maintaining a healthy work/life balance when working from home.



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Tamra Phelps

I have other family members here, so I can’t just get rid of all the food, lol. But I do find that the idea you mentioned of keeping a food diary works for me. It forces you to acknowledge what you’re eating.

Shelly Van Dyne

Loved all the good tips found them very helpful and will be applying them to my every day routine

Linda Manns Linneman

I can really use these tips. I don’t always eat as healthy as I should. Thank you so much for sharing. I will start now

Billington David

Really informative post! For diet control, eating healthy recipe is essential alongside of exercise. Including 6 points are amazing which is really helpful to all. I love this post really. So, thank you so much for sharing this!