The 5 Best Advanced Gadgets for Smart Living in 2019

If ever there was a time to live totally smart, that would be now!

Since the beginning of the 21st century, scientists have built more and more devices which are believed would usher us into an age of artificial intelligence- that’s if we have not gotten there already.

I am sure you would not want to miss out on these amazing gadgets that have been developed to make living in this age more of a blessing. We have brought together the best smart gadgets suitable for use in 2019.

 The 5 Best Advanced Gadgets for Smart Living in 2019

Smart bulbs

Getting home to a dark room could so much affect your composure, especially if you have to fumble for the light. With a smart bulb, you need not worry about this- you can control the bulb with your voice.

Ever forgot to switch off the lights when you went on that business trip? Yeah, such an awful feeling indeed. But, the good news- a smart bulb got you covered. You could pair the bulb with your phone to easily put them off or put them on. It is so hard remembering to put on the security lights just before bed right? With a smart bulb, all you gotta do is set a timer which immediately puts on the bulb at a certain time.

Sony Eclipse

I can relate how annoying it is when your favorite song is playing and then the media player gives the low battery beep. With the new Sony eclipse, you never need to worry about the low battery for your media player again. It would be no surprise, that the world is moving towards a cleaner and sustainable source of energy-, especially solar energy. Created by Hoang N Nguyen, Sony eclipse makes use of a photovoltaic cell on its backside to store solar power.

Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace would be a perfect show of design and style in your living room- no doubt. But have you ever thought about the health hazards it brings along with it? Again, some people have the fear of fire- how are they supposed to adjust to this idea of a fireplace? Technology has presented us with a better alternative- an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace is an electric heater which mimics a fireplace burning coal, wood or natural gas. They are majorly used in conventional fireplaces. They come in sizes up to a 50-inch electric fireplace and even more large ones.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Do you know how difficult it is to get that pool clean? Technology to the rescue! A robotic pool cleaner is an automated pool cleaner which is designed to collect debris and dirt from pools using minimal human intervention. Are you scared of electric shocks due to these robots? The manufacturers had you in mind when they imputed a GFCI (ground fault circuit interpreter) which can help you discover electric imbalances.

Wave Ultrasonic Wine Agar and Refrigerator

Have you ever tasted a glass of wine and wished you had kept it a bit longer? Well, with this refrigerator, your wish has come true. This refrigerator capitalizes on the ability of certain materials to heat up when brought near a magnetic field but cool down when the magnetic effect is removed. This effect is referred to as the magnetocaloric effect. Along with aging your wine, this refrigerator reduces carbon emission and increases efficiency. It also cuts down the level of electricity consumption by a whopping 40%. So, apart from getting your desired aged wine, you have a cleaner air – an air free from pollutants resulting from carbon emissions, and more sustainable budget management. 


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