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The Best Family Gift Ideas for Every Member of Your Clan This Christmas

The Best Family Gift Ideas for Every Member of Your Clan This Christmas 

Did you know that Americans spend almost $900 every year on Christmas presents?

That’s why it’s important to get your Christmas shopping started early. This way, you can spread out the cost over several months, rather than dropping nearly a grand at the end of the year.

But how do you make sure that you find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list? Check out this list of family gift ideas to get started.

Home Gifts

One of the best gifts you can get for someone is something they will use often, but wouldn’t think to get for themselves. Home gifts are great for this category.

For instance, you can get someone a gift to make their home more luxurious, like high-quality sheets, or a restaurant-quality bar set. If someone on your list enjoys cooking, you could consider a novelty kitchen gadget like a bread maker or espresso machine.

These items may seem mundane, but they are a little bit pricier. For this reason, people often do not want to purchase them for themselves.


On a similar note, a great idea for a gift can be giving someone food or beverages they wouldn’t get themselves.

For instance, if you have a family member or friend who loves a special cuisine from a faraway city, you can look into a service that has it shipped out. These exist for classics like Maine Lobster or Chicago-style deep dish.

If you want to gift food, it doesn’t have to come from a far-away place. You can make reservations at a fancy place in town, and treat the family to a special dinner. Or, if you’re a good cook, you can make a gourmet meal at home.

Tech Gadgets

There is always new technology coming out and developing, so there’s bound to be a new gadget that someone on your list will love.

Does your brother keep misplacing his keys? Get him a Tile to attach to his keys so he will never lose them again.

Does your sister’s phone always die? Get her a portable charger so her phone will never lose juice again. 

Is your mom trying to make sure she stays active? A Fitbit will help her track her activity level throughout the day. You can even get FitBits for the whole family so you can all stay in shape together.

A Subscription

What’s better than getting one gift? Getting multiple gifts throughout the year!

A subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving and is available for all types of interests. For interest, say you have someone on your list who enjoys fine wine. Instead of just getting them a bottle of wine, you can get them a subscription to a wine of the month club.

You could also consider treating someone to a subscription to something they’ll use daily. Services like satellite radio, a streaming service, or even a gym membership can be a great way to give something they can take advantage of.


Jewelry is a timeless gift and is always appreciated. There is also a type of jewelry appropriate for anyone on your list.

If you have a significant other in your life, a piece of statement jewelry like a pendant necklace is perfect. If you’re looking for a female relative, like your mother or sister, earrings or a nice bracelet might be more appropriate.

Don’t forget that you can get jewelry for the men on your list too. A nice watch or pair of cufflinks can be the perfect way to help them step up their look.

When purchasing jewelry, don’t forget to consider the type of metal. Certain skin tones might go better with silver or gold, or some people you’re shopping for might only wear one metal. If you’re looking to do some research, you can learn more about rose gold.

Something They Need

If you have younger siblings or children on your list who are tight on cash, gifting them something they need can be great. For instance, consider getting them a full tune-up on their vehicle, or some new tires. 

A gift like this might not seem very exciting to you. But for someone who is young and tight on money, helping them with something practical can be a great gift.


What do you get for the guy (or gal) who has everything? An experience!

If you have someone on your list who needs to relax, consider getting them a gift certificate to a local day spa. A gift like this also pairs nicely with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant so they don’t have to cook that evening.

For couples on your list, such as your parents or siblings, you could give them the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Gift cards for activities in their local area, or for a hotel so they can get away, can be a perfect choice. 

Keep in mind that experience doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. Gifting someone a new board game or a piece of sporting equipment can be a way to give them access to an experience they can have again and again. 

The Perfect Family Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

With this list of family gift ideas, you’ll be able to get the perfect present for everyone this Christmas.

Looking for more family tips? Keep browsing our blog for more helpful articles.

The Best Family Gift Ideas for Every Member of Your Clan This Christmas

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