The Dixie Stampede

If you are ever in Pigeon Forge, TN or Branson, MO The Dixie Stampede must be on your to do list. The Dixie Stampede is a fabulous show that is entertaining for everyone young and old. When you pulled up you were reminded of a giant plantation with beautifully kept yards and several things to take in while you were outside. There were benches outside the building and you could see some of the horses and Belgium Homing Pigeons before you had even made it in the door for the show. The staff at the ticket counter were all very friendly and helped us even save money on the drinks for the Pre-Show!

We had 16 in our party on Saturday afternoon ranging from ages 5-65 years old and we were all entertained thoughout the entire experience. We arrived at the Dixie Stampede at 12:30 and went in and picked up our tickets for the 2:10 show. While waiting for the show we walked around the outside of the building watching workers care for the horses while snapping pictures with the kids “by” the horses. The outside of the stable area reminded me of the inside of a stable for horses, with name plates above each of the horses. Each horse looked different from the first and were all magnificent looking animals. The horses didn’t seem to mind that there were literally thousands of people around them either, which made me worry a little less about all of the noise. The stable hand was very friendly as well when one of the five year old twins were asking him lots of questions about the horses. He even continued his work while answering the questions, and she happily moved onto the next horse with him.

Liz with one of the Dixie Stampede horses.

After looking at the horses we then got to look at the White Belgian Homing Pigeons. While we were there the teacher in me came out as I read the signs to my daughter along with my nieces/nephews. I loved how the parking lot was on the side of the building so you could walk past the horses and pigeons on your way to get your tickets and the show. After taking lots of pictures of families in front of the big butterfly, pictures of the building, and visiting with family and friends it was time to go into the building.

We along with others hurried into the building greeted by a young lady dressed up like a southern belle welcomed us to the show. We went to stand in line so our tickets could be scanned. After the tickets were scanned we were ushered through several rooms where camera’s and different sceneries were so tourists could have their pictures taken inside at the Dixie Stampede. We were a big party of 16 so we were taken to a large room with a picture of Dolly Parton on the wall and were quickly organized for our first picture. Then we had all of the grand children in a picture together as well.

After the pictures were done we were lead to the gift shop and the Carriage Room. While in the Carriage Room we enjoyed nice cold pepsi products, strawberry daiquiris and other yummy treats. They also had fresh popped popcorn that you could purchase and eat while you waited for the Pre-Show and while you were watching the Pre-Show. The Pre-Show was Dick Franko who is world’s famous juggler. People of all ages were laughing, clapping, and staring in amazement at his talent. Then his son Ty To Jo took the stage and was just as amazing to watch as his father. After the amazing Pre-show we were quickly moved into the arena area where we were greeted with waiters in soldier uniforms.

The soldiers’ uniforms were gray for the South and North were dresses in blue. All of the waiters were friendly and greeted us as we walked by them. Garrett was our waiter and he was fabulous, he made the experience more enjoyable and never let our glasses get below half empty. Quickly after the show started promptly at 2:10 we started receiving food which is one of my favorite parts. The first to come out was the hot and delicious homemade biscuit. Followed by the creamy vegetable soup, and then Garrett was gone for awhile. We were so involved in watching the show a couple times that we had to remind each other to eat.

The show was very fast paced, energetic, entertaining and mesmerizing. From the first act the audience was captivated with the beauty and magnificence of not only the animals but the cast as well. We were all thoroughly impressed with the choreographed each of the moves. The host was very personable and made everyone feel like they were part of the show. One of the best parts of the show was when the audience was involved after they heard the word “stampede”. When the host said, “stampede’, the audience was trained to make the stampeding noise. It took you back to the wild west when the buffalo really did stampede across the open plains.

Then Garrett the waiter came by with the following to eat one at a time. A tender whole rotisserie chicken, Hickory smoked barbecue pork loin, Buttery corn on the cob all while the show carried on. All of the food was eaten with our hands and was a fabulous experience while watching 32 magnificent horses with a fantastic cast that were entertaining as well as energetic. It was a fast paced show that was in good fun for the audience when it was the North vs. the South. There were races, audience involvement activities, buffalo, Belgian Homing Pigeons, pigs, and chickens that made the show just that more enjoyable. One of my nieces swore that the buffalo had to be fake because they all moved with such precision.

I would have to say that finale had to be my favorite part with all of the red, white, and blue flying. Dolly Parton even greeted us and sent us on our merry way after singing “Color Me America”. While she reminded us that the North vs. the South is finally over but to remember what it stood for and it helped make our country who and what it is today. It was truly an amazing experience that my family and I will definitely be seeing again!! Only the next time I think we are going to the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee location to see their version of  “The Dixie Stampede.”


Even though the show was provided to me at a substantial discount, I only personally recommend products and or shows that I think will be good for myself and readers. Thanks to The Dixie Stampede for allowing me to review this great performance!!