The Golden Rules for Turning Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

The Golden Rules for Turning Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Sleep. It’s the one thing that most parents crave and the only thing that children fight as hard as they can. It’s the one thing in life that you want to do the most, but if you’re not getting a good night of sleep in the first place, you can soon start to dread your nights. You need to be able to make the space that you sleep as restful as possible, and that’s going to mean following the golden rules that we have for you below.

The Golden Rules for Turning Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Colours Matter For Sleep.

When you step into your bedroom, you should be immediately enveloped in calm. It should feel like taking a huge lungful of fresh air and knowing that you are in for a night of restful, fulfilling sleep. The colours of the walls in the bedroom are the first step to the best sleep environment for you. Think pastels, muted grey colours and warmer colours to make you feel immediately relaxed as you walk in.

Feng Shui Is Back.

When you focus on the energy of your bedroom, how does it make you feel. You should opt for uncluttered surfaces, furniture with curves and not corners and edges and a world that is designed to make you feel comfortable. Arrange and rearrange the furniture and make it work to the Feng Shui principles.

Bed Is A Priority.

The bed is the focal point of the room; it’s the bedroom, after all. Start with the mattress and check out the reviews for several – including Ted & Stacey’s mattress. You need to know what will work and it’s a personal choice to your comfort levels. Then move onto the number of pillows and the comforter that you have for your bed. Don’t add a million pillows; add what you’ll use to reduce clutter.

Cleanliness Aids Sleepiness.

Having a clean room is exactly what you need for restfulness. Keep a laundry hamper in the bedroom so that clothes have a place to go at the end of the day rather than the floor or the wardrobe chair (we know you have one, we won’t judge). Dial down the knick-knacks in the bedroom and keep those for the display cabinets. Minimalist bedrooms are the ones that are soothing.

Be Cool. Be Dark. Be Comfortable.

While it’s true that many people prefer to sleep with the lights on, the best way to sleep is with the lights turned off, a window open and under the blankets. Cool and dark is the most soothing combination for a bedroom, and if you can make it quiet you will be able to drift off into sleep easily.


The five rules above aren’t exclusive, but they’re the best ones out there to helping you create a sleeping environment that is healthy, calm and relaxing. Your bedroom needs to be a priority area in the home to look after, so don’t get bogged down in the colour catalogues. Go with a simple theme and your bedroom is going to be perfect.




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