The Interior Decor Trends That Will Sizzle in 2019

The Interior Decor Trends That Will Sizzle in 2019

Planning on remodeling the interiors of your home? Well, with the year 2019 just around the corner, you should definitely select interior décor trends that will sizzle in the new year. We have put together a list of the expected interior décor trends that are expected to cause a rage in 2019. You can incorporate some of these décor ideas into your home or commercial setup. Here’s everything you need to know:

The Interior Decor Trends That Will Sizzle in 2019
Woods Coming Back In Style

Over the past decade or so most people were opting for white-themed kitchens. However, come 2019 and that’s going to change. The expected kitchen décor trend for the new year is wood. Wooden floorboards, wooden cabinets, and wooden walls are what you need to aim for in your kitchen. Not only will the wooden theme give your kitchen a warm and inviting appeal, but it will also give the setting an upscale mansion type feel

A Home Without Nature Isn’t A Home At All

Irrespective of the ever-changing décor trends, one trend that never runs out of style is nature. More and more homeowners are making it a point to add lush green and gorgeous indoor plants in their homes. Indoor plants can give your home that natural appeal even if it is located right in the middle of a concrete jungle. Opt for lovely water bamboo plants, select potted creepers for your side tables, install succulents as centerpieces and add a splash of green to your residential setup in the new year.

Earthy Tones Are Making A Comeback

For the longest time homeowners were going crazy with bright and vibrant colors. Walls in the homes were being painted in bold shades, furniture that was selected was bright and colorful and so on. Come 2019 the bright colors are going to take a step back and earthy tones are going to be the new trend. Warm shades of beige, flaming oranges, light and tan browns and other such colors are going to take the world of interior décor by storm. From earthy shades in the floor and wall tiles to wall paints with neutral tones, subtlety will be the key.

The Interior Decor Trends That Will Sizzle in 2019

Tapestries Will Have Bold And Beautiful Shades

While the shades of the walls and tiles will become earthy in 2019, tapestries will be bright and colorful. From sofa covers to couch tapestries, curtains, bed and bath linens, and other such products, bright and vibrant colors will prevail. The bright tapestry shades will make be the perfect contrast to the earthy furniture and wall shades. Couch pillow covers may even come in beautiful printed designs and patterns in the year 2019. 

Minimalistic Home Décor Will Remain A Sizzling Trend

Over the past few years, more and more homeowners are opting for minimalistic home décor options. It has been proven time and again that a cluttered and cramped home just ends up looking small and feels claustrophobic. One home décor trend that will continue to sizzle in the year 2019 is minimalism. Purchase and install only those pieces of furniture that you truly require and will use on a regular basis. Avoid cramping and cluttering your home with excessive accessories and showpieces. Even your wardrobe should be minimalistic. Keep in mind that a minimalistic theme in home décor will make your home look spacious and comfortable.

Gypsum Wall Panels For The Décor

Fed up of looking at the chipped paint and ugly flaws on your walls? Well, you can cover them up with gorgeous and classy gypsum wall art panels. The gypsum wall installations are available in several different designs and patterns. There are gypsum bathroom wall panels that are waterproof and moisture resistant and can be installed in your bathroom without you needing to worry about deterioration of the panels. You can opt for acoustic wall panels for your living room or for the room that has the home theatre installed. The acoustic panels guarantee sound quality and prevent outside sound from infiltrating through the walls, thereby giving you the perfect home theatre experience. Further, wall panels also play an important role in swanking up the surroundings while hiding all those ugly wall flaws.

The Interior Decor Trends That Will Sizzle in 2019

Accent Ceilings Are Going To Be The Rage In 2019

Yes, you heard it right! Accent ceilings are going to create a storm in the world of interior décor this new year. For the past decade or so most people were opting for accent walls in their homes, however, accent ceilings are now becoming the hot new trend. The ceiling is typically covered with gorgeously printed wallpapers, ceiling panels, and other such options. Wallpapers with Aztec and geometric prints, wallpapers with abstract prints or bright and solid colored wallpapers will be noticed on a lot more home ceilings.

Black Bedrooms Will Make A Comeback

For all the people out there who believe that black is beautiful, this décor trend of 2019 is going to bring a smile to your face. Black bedroom walls or black themed bedrooms are going to make a major comeback. If you want to indulge in this “black is back” décor trend, you can paint your bedroom walls black and balance it out with lighter shades of furniture, bed linen, and other accessories and amenities. Alternatively, you can also paint a single accent wall black in your bedroom and add a black rug, black bed and so on.

These new age and modern décor trends of 2019 are going to hit the world of interior décor really soon. Beat the crowd and start revamping your home décor now. Be the first to have the hottest décor trends incorporated in your home. Make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Most of the décor trends of 2019 are affordable and easy to incorporate. You won’t find yourself digging into savings to make the upgrades in the décor of your home. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it immediately and start making the changes today!



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