Things You Should Check in Your Garage Before You Go on a Long Trip

Things You Should Check in Your Garage Before You Go on a Long Trip


Whenever you’re leaving home, especially if it’s going to be for any extended period of time, you want to make sure everything is in order before you go. Is the door locked? Is the alarm on? Is the air off? These are all important things to think about any time you’re leaving, whether for a few hours or a few weeks. With summer travel in full gear, it’s a great idea to make a checklist for yourself before any upcoming trips. Why not start with the first area you enter anytime you come home, your garage.

Things You Should Check in Your Garage Before You Go on a Long Trip

Chemicals are stored properly

Most people use their garage for storage. Whether you’re storing anti-freeze, pesticides, pool products, paint, or even gasoline, it’s important to double check to make sure all of these products are stored properly. Keep any potentially dangerous liquids in their original containers. You should keep them off the floor and it’s even a good idea to lock them in a cabinet.


Smoke detector is working

Many garages have smoke detectors installed, but have you ever checked to make sure yours was working properly? Since all the chemicals and hazardous liquids that we previously mentioned are often stored in garages, there is a chance that a fire could break out. Make sure to test your smoke detector before you leave for a trip. You should also get in the habit of doing this about once a month to ensure that your family and the fire department are notified in case of a fire.


Entry to all doors is secure

Make sure your garage door is closed securely before you leave your home. Garage doors can be an easy place for criminals to break in, so you want to make sure you’re protected. It’s also a good idea to have motion sensor lights above the garage door, as these have been known to deter robbers, who are often scared off when the lights come on. In addition to securing the garage door, you should also make sure the door to your home is locked securely if your garage leads into your home.


No leaking fluids from your car

Before you leave, you’ll also want to make sure to check your car, if you’re leaving it in your garage. Make sure the engine is off, make sure the car doors are locked, and most importantly, check that no fluids are leaking from your car, as this can be very dangerous if left for any extended period of time.


Appliances and tools are unplugged

If you have any appliances or power tools that you typically keep plugged in for easy access, make sure you unplug them to be extra safe.


Storm Preparation 

You never know when you could experience a terrible storm during the summer. Make sure your garage and garage door is storm-proofed just in case.

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Lights are off

Make sure the lights in the garage (and throughout your entire house) are off before you leave on a trip. This is less of a safety issue and more of an energy saver. You don’t want to come home to a dark garage and home because all your lightbulbs burned out!


No pets left behind

You may be gasping right now and saying “I would NEVER leave Fluffy in the garage during a trip!” However, pets can be sneaky, so just before you leave do one final check to make sure Fluffy is safe and secure.





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