Thrifty Car Rental Tips

Thrifty Car Rental Tips

Whenever I have ever rented a car, I always heard the same thing “car rentals are expensive.” I have done my research and concluded that car rental doesn’t need to be expensive. Car rental should be thrifty, just like anything else. Here are my thrifty car rental tips.

Thrifty Car Rental Tips

Look for the best deal – A lot of people jump on the first good deal they see. My advice for thrifty car rental is to look for the best deal. Sure, it may take some time to do this, but it is totally worth it. I have saved the most money by looking for the best deal and not jumping the gun.

Know that you may not get the exact car you want – If you want to save money on renting a car, you should know that you may not get the exact car you want. Let go of the idea of renting a sports car because that will cost you an arm and a leg. The cheaper rental cars do not come in the form of a sports car.

Try calling the car rental company – We have got in this mindset that we can get a better deal by going through a middle man. What if you called the car rental company yourself? You never know what kind of good deal you can get, unless you try.

Allow yourself a bit of lead way with the car rental- When you are late with a car rental, that is when all heck breaks loose. You don’t want to be late. Therefore, you should rent the car for longer than you need it. If you get back early, great! At least you won’t be penalized for being late. This is a great way to avoid paying a larger fee for a car rental. Be sure to check local car dealerships like Roberts Honda because lots of them have rentals available at a great price.

What thrifty car rental tips can you pass along?







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