Through The Eyes of Hope

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Through The Eyes of Hope

 Eyes of Hope

I received this book in exchange for my opinions and my opinions are 100% my own.

A mothers love is un-explainable, it must be felt! Felt with every fiber of your being. I received ” Through the Eyes of Hope ” in the mail a little while back, it has taken me a bit to figure out the words to write. I have finally decided that I will never have the right words to explain why you should read this book. But please do! Prepare to cry along side Christian and Lacey, while feeling the heartbreak and happiness of a mothers love.

This book walks you through Lacey and Christian’s journey, and unbreakable bond. As a mother myself this book has shaken me to my core and renewed my faith. I felt like I was experiencing everything right along side of them. I have followed the Buchanan’s since Hope posted a video on Facebook, the video had no words yet it was so incredibly moving.

Through the Eyes of Hope shows you everything is possible with faith. Grab a box of tissues and pick up your copy today. Reading this book has been a privilege, Lacey, Chris and Christian THANK YOU for sharing your story with the world! (especially with me!)

Pick up your copy of Through The Eyes of Hope on January 10, 2017 or pre-order today!

Through The Eyes of Hope

About Through The Eyes of Hope

Christian Buchanan was born without eyes and with other birth defects from a syndrome so rare it affects only 50 people in the world. In her inspiring new book, Through the Eyes of Hope, Christian’s mom, Lacey Buchanan, traces the gripping journey of Christian’s life and how God used it to help Lacey and husband Chris see how He can turn the most challenging circumstances into something for His glory.

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This sounds like an amazing book. I am sure it would be very emotional to read this.