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Tips for Ditching Sugar

Tips for Ditching Sugar

Tips for Ditching Sugar

Many people have no idea what a diet rich in sugar is doing their body. Although experts say that sugar is okay in moderation, sugar can have a hold on a person just as a drug can. Check out these tips for ditching sugar and eating healthier.

Detox First

In order to be able to control your sugar addiction, you’ll need to detox first. For some people, they will detox and never go back to sugar. For others, they will detox from sugar and then allow themselves to have it sparingly. Detoxing from sugar can take a person anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to adjust to.

Wait to Eat Sweetener

A lot of people will go from eating sugar to using a sugar substitute. Some will argue that sugar substitutes are just as bad as sugar and they’re right. However, there is a sweetener derived from a plant that seems to be okay to use, also known as Stevia. There are many forms of Stevia out there, your best bet is to stay away from Stevia that has Sucralose, maltodextrin or any other sweetener that can cause harm. Some companies will take .01% part of the stevia plant and then mix the other “naughty” stuff in. You want pure bred stevia, not a substitute.

Do What You Can

It’s hard to eat stuff that doesn’t have some sort of sugar in it. However, now that you have ditched sugar, you will start noticing how much sugar is in the stuff you eat. If you can, try to stick with foods that have less than 1 gram of sugar. It’s freeing to know that you can make the right choices regarding your sugar intake. It’s really about having more control over your diet, you can do this.

Saying goodbye to sugar is really hard at first, but totally worth it in the end. At the end of the day, sugar may taste sweet, but it does so much harm to our bodies. Will you give a sugar detox a try this year?




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June S.

(Tips For Ditching Sugar) Wow! This was interesting to read about, I have such a hard time of giving up sugar completely. I swear that I start having with drawls every time I try to give that wicked but great tasting white stuff up.

Maryann D.

I know I eat way to many foods with sugar. I like the quick energy it gives me, but this year I will try my best to eat a lot less of it.

Sue Hull

Im a type 2 diabetic and I take pills to control it. I have a bad sugar addiction and I know exactly what its doing to my body. The holidays are horrible and plus I buy sugary sweets that I dont need. Its slowly killing me so a few hrs ago I prayed and asked God to please help me and deliver me from this destructive stuff. I took my blood sugar and it was high. It scared me into throwing all my candy and sweet foods in the garbage. Im blessed with an awesome family and I want to… Read more »