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Tips for Staying Fit in 2016

Tips for Staying Fit in 2016

Tips for Staying Fit in 2016


Isn’t it every person’s dream to eat without gaining an ounce? We all know that isn’t possible, however, with diet and exercise, you can become quite the fit person in 2016. Here are some tips for staying fit this year.

Avoid Excess Carbs

There is a saying that “bread makes you fat” and it’s true, although it doesn’t sound very nice. Bread is the culprit in making people think they can’t lose weight. Eating fermented or sourdough bread is the way to go because it breaks down in your body a lot better than white bread.

Walk as Much as You Can

Walking is a great way to start your fitness goals in 2016. Set a mini goal to start walking this year. Start walking short distances and then work your way up. You may be surprised as to how much stamina you can build up over time.

Lower Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is the other culprit that helps a person gain weight and not be able to lose it. Lowering your sugar intake can help ensure that you’re able to stay fit in 2015. Some people actually give up sugar all together and either go the sugar free route or they use a sweetener like Stevia. Raised blood sugar can be detrimental to your health, so always watch your blood sugar.

Start Lifting Weights

It’s always a smart idea to start lifting weights when you want to get fit. Lifting weights can do so much more for your body than you ever thought possible. Start lifting small weights and work your way up to heavier weights. You can even create a weight lifting schedule if this helps you stay on track.

Getting fit in 2016 is all about what you’re eating and getting enough exercise. No one has a perfect body, but the end goal is to always be healthy! What tips do you have for staying healthy in 2016?


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