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Tips for Traveling Around Europe

Tips for Traveling Around Europe

Traveling to another country could be the most interesting experience someone can have, but it could also be a bit scary for certain people. Getting the right tips for your trips could get a bit tricky and the preparation could be a little bit overwhelming, that is why now I will share some of the best tips with you guys. The guys at INSIDR have a lot of cool tips for traveling around Europe. I made a small selection of my favorite articles on several of my favorite destinations, but you should check out their content for more destinations.

Eiffel Tower

Anyway, this time I would like to talk about Paris first. Ah, the city of light. Who doesn’t know Paris? As the capital of France, this city is well-known for a lot of things. Foods, art, culture, you name it they have it. Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris and one of the most obvious things to visit while you are there. More than just the tower itself, I found an interesting article that points out the best places to get the view of Eiffel Tower, so we can actually take a picture of Paris with the tower in it. You can also enjoy your lunch in some restaurants around Eiffel that offer a beautiful view of this tower. Moreover, you can find a map guide for Eiffel Tower specially tailored for you by INSIDR!

Tips for Traveling Around Europe

As the city with a very rich culture and history, it’s not a wonder that you will be able to find a lot of museums in Paris. They have more than a hundred museums in the city! Of course, Louvre is the most famous one, with its status as the biggest museum in the world. For that, you will need maybe a full day to fully discover every corner of this museum. Check out the guide on visiting Louvre before you go there, and also pay attention to the tips on how to avoid the long waiting time in line and which entrance to Louvre is the best point of entrance for you.

Tips for Traveling Around Europe

If shopping is your thing, Paris is also the right holiday place for you. Check out their guide on shopping in Paris where you can get information on the best place to shop for different kind of things. If you are a little pressed about the time, department store like Galeries Lafayette could be your to-go place. Despite all the crowds at Galeries Lafayette, INSIDR helped me understand why it’s truly a one-stop shop for everything you can think of buying. You can get anything, from clothing to food items at Lafayette Gourmet. For great gifts or souvenirs ideas that you can easily get in Paris, check out the beauty products and perfume. It is very French with very good quality. Get a guide from INSIDR about where to buy perfume in Paris and tips and recommendation for French beauty products. You can also see a wider option of the various type of originally made in France gifts that for sure will be a very special gift.

Tips for Traveling Around Europe

In between those sightseeing and shopping in Paris, we should also use this opportunity to try as many typical and delicious French food as we could. I found this great recommendation about places where we can get brunch for under €20 in Paris. Isn’t it amazing? Apparently, you don’t need to break your bank to have brunch in Paris. If you are not afraid of a little adventure in gastronomy, you should try some of the more challenging food of France. Paris has all the best places to get some escargot and oysters; it certainly is interesting to try!

Tips for Traveling Around Europe

Of course, you couldn’t miss trying the sweet goodness of French delicacy. Who would say no to one or a dozen macarons? Or, you could get some various flavor of crêpes as you would like. French will never go out of pastries to choose, and Paris has some of the best pastries you can get, obviously. You can even learn to make your own macarons at the macarons class offered by Galeries Lafayette, so you can bring back not only the macarons itself but also the skill to make it by yourself at home.

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