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Tips To Make Bedtime Easier

Tips To Make Bedtime Easier

1. Create a Schedule

Bedtime can easily get out of hand if there’s a lack of a set time for going to bed. Being too flexible with it can make your kids think that they can get away with not going to bed on time. At a certain time each night, they need to accomplish certain pre-bedtime duties. This includes brushing teeth, taking a bath, and getting things ready for the next day at school. Bringing this sort of discipline into your children’s lives helps set them on track for success in life.

2. Turn Off Screens

Do your kids regularly complain that they can’t fall asleep after you put them to bed? It could be because of watching computer/television screens before bed. These brightly lit screens can make it difficult to adapt to a darkened bedroom, and all the information they feed can make falling asleep a challenge. Screens should not be used any later than two hours before bedtime. Doing this will help your children to fall asleep much sooner.
Tips To Make Bedtime Easier

3. Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment

No matter how tired you are, it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest if your mattress and pillow are lumpy. Listen to your kids if they tell they’re having issues with getting comfortable. You might want to get them a new mattress. Do thorough mattress research to help your kids find the right one.

4. Keep Them in Their Beds

Kids can get restless easily. If they can’t fall asleep in five minutes, they might think that they’ll never be able to fall asleep. Should they get out of bed, you need to make sure they’re put right back in. As long as there’s nothing something dire that needs to be attended to, like an illness or a scary dream, they should be kept in bed. The more they rest their bodies, the more quickly they’ll be able to fall asleep.

You shouldn’t expect for bedtime to get easier overnight. It’s always going to take some time to enact a new measure and have it stick. But you and your kids will be grateful for how the restrictions let everyone know what needs to be done and when and for how much more rested they’ll be in the morning. In order for our days to start well, the previous ones need to end well.

Author Bio: Paige Jirsa– I work with Top10.Today, a shopping comparison site, where we strive to help consumers find the best quality and priced products.

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Dorothy Boucher

My daughters have had issues with sometimes the little ones sneaking out of bed and playing, But so glad she finally got them on schedule, so important and reading to them before bed.