Toasted Pizza A Quick and Easy Lunch

Toasted Pizza A Quick and Easy Lunch

Toasted Pizza A Quick and Easy Lunch!! This is a great meal for summer time lunches when you have the kids and need something quick!! The ingredients are all easy and most you will have on hand. The kids love that they are getting “pizza” and you love the quick and easy lunch. It is a win, win in my book!!


Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese

How to Make it:

This is going to be an easy peasy meal which is definitely the kind I like in the summer. Especially days like today when I have my niece Sage who is 4 and nephew Bryar who is 3. That way I can get them a good lunch in a fraction of the time and it is a teenager approved meal so our daughter Elizabeth will be happy too!!
Start buttering the one side of bread just as you would be making a grilled cheese.

Then you spread a desirable amount of pizza sauce on your bread for the smaller kids I used less than I did for our 15 year old daughter, but she loves sauce so it was an easy fix to make all parties happy.

Next, you should layer the desired  amount of pepperoni, ham, or any pizza topping of your choice. Just make sure it will cook thoroughly when you cook it on the stove top. 

Top with mozzarella cheese, the sliced is easiest for this recipe but I just had shredded on hand today and it worked just as well. Then heat up your pan, spray with some non-stick spray and  cook until browned on both sides. Take off the heat, cut in half and you have the perfect sandwich pizza in just a few minutes. Next up you get to enjoy your newly created Toasted Pizza!!


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