Top 10 Things to Do In San Francisco

Top 10 Things to Do In San Francisco

Each time I visit a new to me city I try to do something that is really “touristy” for lack of a better word. But when I was in San Francisco there was so much to see and do that I had a hard time deciding on just one activity. So here’s what I wanted to see while I was in town.

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge but I had to cross it too.
  2. Alcatraz or The Rock which was a Federal Penitentiary that housed inmates like Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly and more!
  3. The Painted Ladies what 80’s child could resist seeing those house made famous by Full House.
  4. Ghirhadelli Chocolate Factory–chocolate, who can resist??
  5. Fisherman’s Wharf where there is shopping, restaurants, Boudin’s Sourdough factory and more!
  6. The Presidio which is also where The Walt Disney Family museum is, but we got to town on a Sunday and were able to enjoy Picnic on the Presidio or Off The Grid. Be sure you head out hungry if you are going to enjoy the food trucks!
  7. The Walt Disney Family Museum is a magical place just like all Disney locations. I even shed a few tears while I was visiting.
  8. Ride The Trolley’s because they have been famous for as long as I can remember, probably even longer, but I swear I can still hear the commercial playing, Rice-A-Roni The San Francisco Treat! ~~ Please tell me you sung a little bit with me!
  9. Lombard Street which is on of America’s crookedest streets and has a gorgeous view whether you are looking up, or going down! Want to own a residence on Lombard Street?? There was a couple looking at a house while we were there and I of course had to ask what the price tag was. For only 1.5 Million Dollars you can own a home that is 1,800 sq. feet on the Famous Lombard Street, so I’m thinking I will stay in Missouri for awhile and visit San Fran!!
  10. Angel Island which is known as the Ellis Island of the West.

So I had my list and I was ready to conquer it plus eat at a few restaurants and enjoy the time in San Francisco! I’m happy to report I at least got to see and do everything on my list but I didn’t explore Angel Island or Alcatraz but I got to see them by boat so I think that was a winning ticket!

Go Card City is The Way to Visit Any City

Earlier I told you about Go City Card that allows you to save on attractions allowing you to see and do more when you are visiting cities. I put my Go City Card to good use and was able to take A Bridge To Bridge Cruise as well as finish most of the to do list! Stay tuned for even more details about my trip to San Francisco!