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Top 4 Things To Do Before Moving

Top 4 Things To Do Before Moving

There are two sides in a move. While this task can open a lot of new opportunities for a family, it can also be very stressful. The latter is especially true if you’re planning to move in a big city or bring children with you. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all of these stress if you actually know the things to do before moving. The amount of preparation you put into moving can make or break its success.

Moving can be stressful, but there are hacks which can make this task easier and more convenient. If you’re planning to move soon, don’t forget to do these things first:

Top 4 Things To Do Before Moving

  1.     Decide on a mover

You’ll have a long list of to-dos once you decide to move. For starters, you have to miss days from work, clean both your new and old house and carefully orient the children that you’re going to move. If you want to lessen your responsibilities whenever moving, carefully decide on which moving company New York City to hire. You can do this by scouting for movers in your area, compare their services and prices, and research if these movers have an excellent track record in the industry. 

While some homeowners never consider hiring a mover, you should never make the same mistake. Sure, hiring movers might require you to pay money in exchange for their services but come to think of it – hiring them is a cost-effective way of moving because movers have the necessary experience, skills, and tools to do the job. They can even provide you tips on how you can successfully move from one location to another without breaking the bank. 


  1.     Purge

Regardless of the number of people living with you, it’s safe to assume that you own a lot of things. You might have spent most of your hard-earned salary on buying the most innovative appliances or coolest toys for your children. Sure, you might have spent time, money, and effort in buying all of these but it doesn’t mean that you have to actually bring all of these items in your new house. More often than not, you might only be keeping items because of its price and sentimental value – not because it’s still used in the household.

If you want to pay lesser moving expenses and make packing a breeze, don’t forget to purge weeks before moving. This means going through all of your valuables – from appliances, toys, and clothes – and checking if these are still usable or not. 


  1.     Buy packing supplies

Even if you’re only going to move within the city, you will always need packing supplies. You will need moving boxes, tape, and markers to safely transport all of your valuables. The moment you know that you’re moving, start buying for packing supplies. For sure, all of these items are conveniently available in stores operating in your area. If your budget is tight and you’re looking for ways to save money on packing supplies, reach out to the local stores in your area. They will usually have spare boxes for their supplies. Ask kindly and pick these boxes at the store as soon as possible. 


  1.     Start packing

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how stressful and time-consuming packing is. If you’re going to bring all of the big and bulky appliances in your home now, expect that you might need to spend at least a month in packing. If you don’t want to be pressed for time and end up being stressful in a move, start packing as soon as possible. Instead of packing all of your valuables in one sitting, opt to gradually pack them regularly. For example, avoid packing for 12 hours in one day. Doing this can be very tiring; it can also increase the risk of forgetting to bring some items. The better solution is to allot at least three hours of your time every day (preferably before going to bed) just to pack. 


Knowledge Is Power

Most homeowners fear the idea of moving because it’ll require a lot of things from them. Aside from making adjustments with their schedules just to accommodate the moving day, they also have to spend long hours of packing and transporting all of their valuables. You can finally change your mindset when it comes to moving by following the tips from this article.  


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