Top Seven Best Things to Do In Nepal 

Nepal is a country filled with many amazing virtues and wonders. It is a natural paradise when it comes to Himalayan pulchritude. The majestic mountain peaks of the country are the most beautiful and magnificent in the world. What’s more, Nepal is home to some of the tallest Himalayas on the planet. It is home of Mount Everest, as well as seven other tallest mountain peaks. Furthermore, the natural beauty of the country is also equally impressive, with diverse topographical region and unique ecological biomes. It is of no surprise that Nepal is often considered the most beautiful travel destination in the world. It is the number one travel destinations for treks and hikes, as the beautiful Himalayas of Nepal present awe-inspiring adventures. Especially beautiful and entertaining is the Everest Base Camp Trek, which has always been one of the most popular treks. Blended together with the exotic cultural aspects that each regions of Nepal harbors, visiting Nepal is always full of unforgettable experiences! Here are top seven things to do in Nepal- 

#1 Trekking

Due to the Himalayan tapestry that decorates Nepal, it is a prime destination for all sorts of wonderful trekking adventures. As a matter of fact, Nepal is considered the best trekking destination on Earth. It’s perplexing Himalayan allure pulls in thousands of trekkers from all across the globe. Perhaps the best thing about trekking in Nepal is the blend of all of the best aspects and features of the regions while trekking. It gives the trekkers a sense of being completely immersed in the region’s natural, cultural and Himalayan phenomenon. This characteristic makes trekking one of the best things to do in Nepal.   

Furthermore, each of the regions of the country presents their own unique features. For example, the Khumbu region is home of Mount Everest. It is also the land of the legendary Sherpa people, and where the famous Everest Base Camp Trek takes place. Likewise, the Annapurna region is named after the gorgeous Annapurna massif, occupied by ethnic Gurung and Magar people. In the same manner, Mustang offers a completely different trekking experience in its arid desert-like landscape that is shadowed by the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri ranges. It is also the best place to experience a refined Tibetan Buddhism culture that is not found anywhere on the planet.  

#2 Hiking 

Hiking in Nepal is always a matter of enjoying the coruscating countryside. It is also a grand option for people who want to experience the beauty of the Himalayas without having to go through strenuous treks. Most of the hiking destinations in Nepal are located close to the cities. For example, Nagarkot and Chisapani among others are famous hiking destinations that lie close together to Kathmandu. Hikes in Nepal are almost always paired with amazing distant views of the Himalayas and the serenity of nature. Sometimes, one can also observe the local culture of the countryside as well. Hiking is a great way to relieve stress of the day-to-day life in the city and rejuvenate one’s soul in the natural surroundings. It is among the more relaxing things to do in Nepal. 

Top Seven Best Things to Do In Nepal 

#3 Peak Climbing

As mentioned, Nepal is home to many mountain peaks. Many among the mountains are also deemed climbable. Peak Climbing is a more strenuous form of trekking, with the final destination being the summit of the peak rather than just the base camp as with the case for many treks. It is an imposing adventure that is quite thrilling. By using climbing equipments such as ice axes, ropes, slingers and harnesses, peak climbing is a serious sport with amazing rewards. Famous climbable peaks in Nepal include the Island Peak, the Mera Peak and the Peak of Naya Kanga among others. Among the things to do in Nepal, experienced climbers and mountaineers are the ones who mostly pursue peak climbing. However, novice climbers can also do this.   

#4 Cultural Tours 

Nepal’s cultural riches are also equally fascinating as its Himalaya and natural opulence. Nepal is home to the 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Seven of the World Heritage Sites are situated in the Kathmandu Valley alone. This makes the Kathmandu Valley have one of the densest concentrations of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. The cultural aspects of the people and their traditions are manifested beautifully in many forms in Nepal. Art forms like music, dancing, costumes and festivals all include heavy influences from the people’s culture and practices. 

Among the best things to do in Nepal, cultural tours offer a deep insight into the history and religious reverence of the country. Famous cultural spots of Nepal include the Pashupatinath Temple, the Swayambhunath Stupa, the Bouddhanath Stupa and the three Durbar Squares of the three ancient cities of the Kathmandu valley, the Changunarayan temple and Lumbini- the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha among many others.    

#5 Adventure Sports

Nepal’s influx in visitors looking to do various adventure sports is steadily on the rise. Nepal presents amazing natural settings that are perfect for sports like paragliding, rock climbing, canoeing and zip flying. The all natural environment where most of the adventure sports take place gives the feel of being close to nature and its exploration in the extreme form. One of the famous destinations for adventure sports in Nepal includes Pokhara, where one can experience sports like paragliding quite majestically. After all, Pokhara is known as the “tourism capital of the nation”. If you are looking for some extra fun things to do in Nepal, then trying out for adventure sports is definitely a good option!    

#6 Wildlife Explorations 

Nepal’s wildlife and biodiversity are anther factors that make Nepal beautiful. The diversity in the topographical regions of Nepal has resulted in the creation and preservation of various biomes and ecosystems. In order to protect its natural habitats and forests, Nepal has established many natural parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas. Two of the national parks of Nepal are also listed under the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites list- namely the Sagarmatha National Park and the Chitwan National Park. 

Wildlife Exploration and Jungle safaris are among the most amazing things to do in Nepal. Chitwan National Park in particular is famous for unforgettable jungle safaris. You ride on Elephant backs to explore the woodlands of the park and watch animals such as the One-horned Rhinoceros and the Musk Deer in their natural habitats. The national parks also protect many ethnic settlements and villages.     

#7 White Water Rafting 

Nepal is drained by many ever-flowing rivers originating from the Himalayas. The white rivers present splendid rafting experience. The fast-paced rivers are great for thrills and adrenalin. Many of the rivers for rafting also go through some of the most gorgeous natural settings. Famous rivers for white water rafting include the Sun Koshi and the Bhote Koshi among many others. 

There are many more things to do in Nepal. The never-ending array of religious and cultural sites, the many natural destinations hidden beneath the Himalayas and the beaten trails that see fewer crowds are all up for exploration and discovery in Nepal. The many festivals and celebrations and the chance to experience the exotic indigenous culture of the people of Nepal present opportunities that are not found anywhere on Earth. So if you are an avid traveler, then you must visit Nepal at least once in life!