Tuckaway Shores Resort Part 2

**I received a three night stay at Tuckaway Shores to facilitate my review. However, all opinions are 100% my own, and I will be going back!

East Coast Winery
The first afternoon and evening in Florida was spent on their secluded beach exploring their wonderful property. Like I had said early this week, this resort is one that you don’t have to pack everything for your own beach vacation because they have everything you could possibly need, minus the food for your beach getaway! Because this was a blogger retreat Tuckaway Shores did provide us with some meals, but usually guests bring their own food to cook, or dine out at the local restaurants.

Tuckaway Shores

The first night we were at Tuckaway Shores we were greeted with a dinner, wine tasting and a presenter. All of the wine was Florida made wine and the owner of East Coast Winery knows her local wines! She brought the above 6 bottles of wine to enjoy with our appetizers and the two directly below to enjoy with our dinner. Most of us enjoyed taste testing the wines and I found a new favorite, Key Lime Wine is just as good as my standby Blackberry. Now, if I could just find a way to get it here cheaply we would be in business!

East Coast Winery

Key Lime Wine is a semisweet wine that is crisp and full of flavor. The wine lady said it was the perfect drink for margarita’s, and I would have to agree!

Avocado Wine was very different, it didn’t taste like guacamole really, but it has a very distinct taste, but that is one bottle I will never buy.

Cocoa Beach was very unique with a blend of orange juice, with rich dark chocolate to follow, this one was a love it or hate it, but I of course am still on the fence! 🙂

Sea Breeze Beach Blush was another one of my favorites. But the Key Lime Wine is the one that I kept going back for more of!

Tuckaway Shores

After our delicious meal we were introduced to Robin who was our guest speaker who blogs at Authentic Florida. After a gorgeous view of the moon on the ocean we all retired to our suites to rest up and enjoy the ocean view and sound. It was truly amazing just to lay in bed and have the back door open allowing all of the waves to be heard all night long. I had never felt safe enough to do that before at other beach front locations!

Check out the video of the moon pictures! The pictures don’t really do it justice, but it was the best I could do to share with you all.


Tuckaway Shores Resort
The next day we ventured away from Tuckaway Shores to visit the Space Coast, starting with Kennedy Space Center then Brevard Zoo! There is so may things to see and do that this would be the perfect vacation spot without hitting any “big” parks! Orlando is just about an hour from Tuckaway Shores, so if we ever make it to Orlando, we will be staying here and driving back and forth. It was such a relaxing beach location that I truly enjoyed! 

Traveling to Florida?

Be sure to check out and stay with Tuckaway Shores along the Space Coast. They offer all of the items mentioned here, along with the view, a secluded beach and a welcoming atmosphere for as low as $125 a night! They even offer discounts such as AAA,  Florida Residents, First Responders, Active Military and so many more!

Now  thru Dec. 15, 2015, Use the code “Blog” to receive a 20% discount at Tuckaway Shores Resort! I promise that you won’t be disappointed with your stay!

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**I received a three night stay at Tuckaway Shores to facilitate my review. However, all opinions are 100% my own, and I will be going back!