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Ty-Totally Cherry Drink

Ty-Totally Cherry Drink

Ty-Totally Cherry Drink

Ty-Totally Cherry Drink is a must have for any DinoTrux party! But the best part of the TY-Totally Cherry Drink is that it is easy to make and ready in minutes! We all know how much I like cheap as well as easy and this drink creation is just that. It only uses lemon lime soda, cherry packages to make this sweet drink up. I actually used Cherry Jolly Rancher sticks which is a cheaper version of Crystal Light.

Dino Trux Character TY

Pour the soda on top of ice, add some cherry powder and give it a stir and you have Ty-Totally Cherry Drinks available for your DinoTrux party! Now, you are probably wondering why I went with Ty-Totally Cherry Drinks. Ty the cute guy above is the team leader who is a Tyrannosaurus Trux. He bravely battles evil D-Structs and united the DinoTrux and Reptools so they all became friends. 

Ty quickly stole my heart in the first two episodes and I can’t wait to watch the rest of them this weekend!

DinoTrux will be available on Netflix on

What to Expect When You Aren’t Expecting Clip


Make your DinoTrux party complete with these Exploding Ore Cupcakes, Trading Cards, and Ore Bites!
 This must watch new series starts with a catchy new opening that kids of all ages will love. Not to mention combining the love of dinosaurs with trucks being a sure fire hit with both boys and girls alike. But one of my favorite things about DinoTrux is that the work together to get things done. Much like the story of life these characters will be crushing, smashing, moving, lifting, pushing, and going strong. Kids will be looking up to DinoTrux for years to come! 

Be sure to tune in on August 14th to catch all of the must watch action! 

Download your DinoTrux Coloring Sheets too! 


Be sure you download the DinoTrux App, whip up some exploding ore cupcakes, and some Ty-Totally Cherry drink to sip on! Then send the kids home with some Ore to munch on after the party!

Be sure to tune into Netflix to start Binge Watching this awesome show now! 



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