Upgrades You Should Make To Your Beach House

Many people who live in California or in neighbouring states have their very own beach house right on the coast. This state is perfect for those who want to escape and get some sun, especially those who live in the city and can afford a second property for their summer vacations. 

For many, a beach house is a refuge and lots of people will put a lot of money into making it the perfect place to stay. This is especially true for those who rent out their beach house when they decide to travel somewhere a little different. Whether you are staying there for the entire summer or simply just a few weeks, you will want to make sure that it is perfect.

Upgrading your beach house is relatively easy, as long as you think carefully about the changes that you want to make. This is your vacation spot so make it personal to you. To help you with this, we have put together some of the great tips we have for upgrading your beach house in 2019. Make sure to keep reading to find out more. 

Upgrades You Should Make To Your Beach House

BBQ Area

When you are on your vacation at the beach, you often bring friends along for the journey. What could be better than relaxing at your beach house in California than sitting around the barbecue with your friends and family? Many people enjoy having a cookout because it gives them a chance to show off their cooking skills and relax a little. For this reason, we think that you should upgrade your CA beach house this year by adding a barbecue area.

To do this, you will need to make sure that you have some flat ground. Then, you’ll need a top quality barbecue and some seating. While deck chairs are often used on the beach, you might want something a little more permanent to put on your decking for your barbecues. 

Once your barbecue area is all set up, you can host your first barbecue and invite the neighbours over. This can be even more impressive if you have recently bought the beach house and are interested in meeting those who have properties on the same strip of beach as you. 

Solar Panels

If you own a beach house in California, then you will probably find that it is always covered in the stunning sun. This is why you should consider upgrading your beach house and adding some solar panels. Beach houses can be expensive to run, especially if you have a second property and only visit this one on vacation. With solar panels, you can save yourself some money by generating your own energy from the sun and save the environment at the same time.

If you don’t already have solar panels on your beach house roof, then you should consider investing in some today. The best solar company in Bakersfield will help you to find the right panels for your house and get you sorted out. This provider may be able to help with low solar panel costs in Bakersfield so make sure to check them out. Solar power in Bakersfield and along the CA beaches is becoming much more popular so this is definitely something to consider.

Try to upgrade your beach house today with some solar panels and you will never look back – you’ll even be able to make some energy when you aren’t there! This is much better for the environment and you will feel better about having a second property.


One of the best upgrades that you can make to your beach house is to add some decking. With decking, you can do many different things and it can bring a little more privacy to your beach house. Of course, if you are going to add some decking then you need to make sure that you are doing so on your property and not on the beach if you do not have permission to build there. 

When adding decking, consider the quality of the wood and the colour carefully. You will want the decking to match the décor of your beach house in order to really get the desired look. Try to choose a high quality wood to really make your decking stand out and remember that while there might not be much rain, the decking will likely get wet often when you come in from your swim in the beach.

Once you have your decking installed, you can entertain there, sunbathe there and have some drinks in the evenings while you watch the sun go down. Make sure to maintain it properly.

Update The Lighting

Your beach house is probably always surrounded by the Californian sun but is this light able to get inside of the home? Lighting is very important in creating atmosphere and so you might want to think about your current lighting set up and figure out some changes.

We always encourage you to use natural lighting as this can look the best and it can also help to save the environment. Try to open the windows as much as you can and make sure that any curtains are letting the bright sun in.

You might want to update the lighting for the evenings, and we encourage you to do this carefully. Consider investing in a lamp that can sit beside your couch and add some atmosphere. When upgrading lighting, you should always think about the shade of the bulb and opt for warmer tones rather than a white bulb. Don’t forget to upgrade the lighting and fill this place with light to make it a great place to stay.

Path To The Beach

When you have a beach house on one of the amazing Californian beaches, you want to make sure that you are making the most of the beach. For this reason, we suggest that you upgrade your beach house by adding a path to the beach that is clear and aesthetically pleasing.

If you simply have some steps that reach the beach, this is not going to achieve the desired effect so make sure to think carefully about your design choices. Take a look online at some inspiration for paths from beach houses down to the water. Many people choose to go for some rocks, but you can change it up if you fancy something a little different. 

Add Hidden Storage

When you go on vacation, you tend to bring a lot more with you than you need. This is often the case with beach houses but when you are staying there for a few months, the extra items can get in the way. This is why we think that you should consider adding some hidden storage to your beach house in order to keep things a little tidier and have more places to keep your things.

Hidden storage can be anywhere from underneath the home to underneath the stairs. Is there a loft that you can use to store some of your things? If not, then you might want to add some more cabinets and storage baskets that will allow for you to live in a tidier home throughout the summer. No one wants to have to walk around all of those suitcases when they are just trying to relax on their vacation.

Consider adding some extra shelves to the walls and some baskets in your kid’s rooms. This will be great for any extra items that need to be put out of the way while keeping the aesthetics of the entire beach house intact. 

Curb Appeal

When your friends first arrive at your beach house, the first thing they are going to see if the front of your home. This is called the curb appeal and it is something that you should think about upgrading if you haven’t done so in a while.

To upgrade your curb appeal, think about giving the front door a coat of paint. Why not add some hanging baskets to either side of the door and really give this place a classy touch? You could also give the steps up to the door a brush and plant some flowers in the front garden.

The nicer your home looks from the outside, the higher the expectations will be once your guests reach the inside. Curb appeal is not only important for when you are living in your home but also when it comes time to sell the property as you will want to make a really good first impression. 


While we have already discussed adding some plants to the outside of your beach house, you should also consider some indoor plants. Indoor plants can add a totally natural look, and this is what you will want to achieve with your beach house. 

Take a look online at some of the best plants for keeping indoors and remember to consider that you won’t be there year round to look after them. Large plants often work really well, and you are looking for as much green as possible. If you are only staying for a short period of time, then a few bunches of flowers can really make a short-term upgrade. 

Smart Home Features

For a beach house upgrade that is a little more expensive, you should consider adding some smart home features. Smart homes are becoming more popular as the technology becomes more mainstream and people start to realise just how impressive this can be.

With your smart home, you can have speakers in the walls and appliances that turn on when you want. With a smart home, you are usually faced with much more security which can be perfect for those who aren’t planning on being in their beach house for the entire year. 

Take a look online at what a smart home can involve and find the right solutions for your beach house. A voice assistant is a popular choice right now and you can find plenty of these to choose from online. 

Update The Fixtures

Our final tip for those who want to upgrade their Californian beach house is to try to update the fixtures around the home. This means taking a look at the doorknobs and the handles on the cupboards and giving them a bit of an upgrade.

In 2019, the trends suggest that industrial faucets and door handles are in fashion, but you should make sure to match the new fixtures to your current décor unless you are going to do a full overhaul of the entire property.

The great thing about this upgrade is that it won’t take you very long to change out these fixtures and you should be able to make a pretty big difference to how the beach house looks. Try to retain the beach house style while giving it an upgrade and you will be happy with the final results.

Upgrade Today

If you currently have a beach house that you think could use a bit of an upgrade then you should make sure to try out some of the ideas that we have given you in this article. The first thing on your list should be the addition of solar panels as this is the perfect way to save some money and make your second home a little more energy efficient. If you do decide to go for solar panels then make sure to choose a trustworthy company.

We also suggest that you add some smart home features to your beach house and create a very special barbecue area that you can entertain your guests in. You will love this once the summer hits and you can invite all of the neighbours around to see what you have done.

Make sure to give some of the ideas that we have given you a try and you will love the final result. Your beach house is your vacation spot so make sure that it is somewhere that you enjoy spending time today. 

Upgrades You Should Make To Your Beach House