USA Labor Laws for Immigrants

 A lot of people want to immigrate to the United States for some many reasons that include employment. Having the mindset of immigration to the US and finding a good job is what most people plan ahead from their home countries since everyone wants to live the American dream. There are some employers that prefer to employ migrants instead of the US citizens for so many reasons. No matter your immigration status, the USA has made it a point of duty to safeguard every worker by passing a lot of bills that favor every worker in the USA. Below are some reasons why business owners in the USA prefer to employ immigrants rather than citizens of the country;

Pay – many business owners in the US believe that immigrants come to the country to survive and that they will settle for lower wages rather than citizens that know their worth. The act is common among illegal or undocumented immigrants that are looking for every opportunity to survive in the country. Business owners see this as a good opportunity to make extra profit thus they tend to employ them.

Obedient – research has shown that immigrant workers are more obedient than the citizens of the country. This could be because they are ready to work and save some money. Also, it may be because they have limited options in the US employment sector. Immigrants hardly complain even when they need to complain because they do not know their rights. But for some, they know their rights but are scared of losing their jobs. 

Skills – some immigrants have good skills and experience in different field of work thus business owners try to find these set of individuals in other to improve their businesses. The visa lottery is a platform that allows skilled individuals to immigrate into the United States. These skilled individuals come with good understanding of different fields thus a lot of business owners make it a point of duty to employ one or more skilled immigrants into their firm.

Royalty – most business owners do say that they prefer to employ an immigrant rather than citizens because immigrants do make sure that their criminal records is clean thus they stay away from trouble.

USA Labor Laws for Immigrants

Hard work – immigrants are hardworking individuals therefore; business owners tend to employ them. An employer once said, “I like to employ immigrants because they are never lazy, they always ask for extra hours to work and this has helped my firm.” Also, there are some works that citizens will never want to take because they believe it is meant for the immigrants. For these set of jobs, business owners do not have a choice than to employ immigrants to occupy the positions. Immigrant employees are cheap because they only settle for little pay since they just want to survive and save some money for the future.

As an employer, you are meant to treat your employees well no matter their immigration status. The (MSPA) i.e. the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act was passed so that employers will not have any option but to protect and provide necessary things for their workers. Also, they should not be exposed to unacceptable conditions. 

For people that are planning to visit or immigrant into the USA it is important that they check if their country is among the visa waiver program countries because if that is the case, they will need to check ESTA online to register. The question, when I need ESTA application? Is for individuals of ESTA nationalities.

Things to consider before employing a migrant worker

Are you planning to employ a migrant worker to help improve your firm? If yes, you will have to consider some things before concluding whether or not to employ a migrant worker. Below are some factors to consider if you are ready to employ a migrant worker; 

Status – what is the immigration status of the individual that you are about to employ?  This is an important question to answer. Employing an illegal immigrant may give you a problem in the future in the sense that he/she will be deported if he/she is caught. This simple act may affect your business later. Note it is better that one employs a migrant worker who has valid documents.

Background check – background check is essential if you want to employ a migrant worker because you wouldn’t want to employ a criminal. A lot of illegal immigrants who involve in illegal dealings may want to hide under the fact that they have a job thus if you employ such individual, there may be problem for you and the firm. 

Transportation – this is an important factor to consider if you are planning to employ a migrant worker because migrant worker who does not have driver’s license or a personal car may have difficulties in getting to work early. Therefore, it is better to employ a migrant worker who has a driver’s license or someone who is mobile because doing this will help the business positively.

USA Labor Laws for Immigrants