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Using A Cool Head To Get Ahead

Using A Cool Head To Get Ahead

If you have ever found yourself being the calm one in your group of friends when everyone else is anxious or in a rush, you might have something special about you. Many people find it very difficult to stay calm and collected during times or duress because their flight is stronger than their fight. You’ll find that most people don’t actually know how they can reverse this and try to be more calm when they are running late, forgot something, or need to be responsible for other people at the drop of a hat. You can’t really blame them as they haven’t ever thought about this seriously. In fact, most people never even get put in such situations thus they don’t actually know how they will cope or if they can. But if you know you seem to have a cool head in among the chaos of different scenarios, you would be wise to try and find a career path that suits you this way. We all know it takes a special kind of person to be calm under intense stress, such as being a member of a public service, or perhaps being part of a place of urgent care. But what other paths could you take to use your personality and temperament?

A saving grace voice

Policemen and women go through incredibly shocking circumstances in their day to day work. When they are in trouble, sometimes the only voice they will hear is of the dispatcher. Being a police dispatcher is for those that can remain calm in very scary situations, and be so cool in the face of a rapidly changing environment that they can still take fine details. You never know when a situation might arise whereby the police unit you are attached to or assigned is in serious trouble. So the dispatcher is there to make sure they keep the police officers calm and keep them informed of what is going on. You’ll also be in charge of dispatching backup to any police officer that needs it. Taking down the exact details of where they are, such as their coordinates on a GPS and funnelling more units to the location of the call for backup is all part and parcel of the kinds of things you’ll be doing.


However you can also keep people who are in trouble safe or help them to maintain calm. For example, police dispatchers might be getting calls from someone who is alone at home and is having a break-in. With your calmness, you can direct the innocent victim to a safer place or tell them what they should do to protect themselves until police arrive on the scene. The average salary of a police dispatcher is around $36,000 to $60,000. Benefits from good service come quickly as there is always need for a dispatch controller. This is a senior rank and you can expect pay to rise to almost six figures; varying on the police department you work for.

Public event security management

In this modern world, the threats to public safety are always changing. They take on new forms of foreign groups targeting civilians to further their political or religious agenda as well as local gangs and crime organizations. Event security is an incredibly complex but rewarding occupation and career path. For example, there are tens of thousands of people who to sporting events and that means that the local police and various security companies are working together. Sporting teams and stadium owners all need someone at the top of their security team to catch any criminals and potential terror threats. However for this to be you, a public safety degree or master’s is needed. You can view program here or what kind of course you will be getting into. The various modules are explained as well as the entry requirements that you will need to fulfil.

Using A Cool Head To Get Ahead

Someone with a sharp eye, a keen mind and lots of attention to detail and people managing skills is required for this kind of role. Event security and threat management is highly respected in many industries such as law enforcement, military and even for the private market where private citizens may want to have a full time security detail. There are plenty of job opportunities around the world, ranging from civilian to contract work involving warzone areas. Some of the security management jobs are also in the Middle East involving the protection of politicians and state assets. Junior and or senior level salaries range from around $40,000 to $100,000+. If you can spot suspicious behavior and can calmly manage employees to take care of the threat without alarming the general public, then this is something that you may want to carefully consider.


Cooling the coals

In business there is one department that the largest most successful multinational corporations will pour immense resources into. They look for only the brightest and the most calm under pressure for this area of their companies. Risk management is one of if not the most highly respected career path in many industries but especially the financial industry. Here they need to consider what kinds of positions they are taking. Exposing or exposed is a word used to describe how much risk is involved in a certain kind of deal or position. Exposed means how much of the business is or can be at risk of failing and or taking a big loss. Risk managing takes a lot skill, involving long equations and good foresight in market trends and behavior.


For this you will need to take a degree in either accounting, business planning, investment, and financial planning. Any one of these kinds of educational backgrounds leads to knowing how to plan the business in a way that can mitigate as much risk as possible while also returning the best success. You can also become a business advisor or consultant to help CEOs and other c-suite ranking employees in a company to plan the future of their businesses. However you need to be calm and take your emotions out of your job to purely focus on achieving the best success via positions. A position for a business might be to invest heavily in a new technology but since it’s new it’s your job to know if this would be worth it or not. Studying the shape of the market, how consumers would react and how the rivals of the company you work for are or would react is all part and parcel of your role. This is why risk management salaries vary from $45,000 to $150,000+ depending on the kind of company you work for.

A cool head is rare in the professional world. Many people have to work on their temperament and they eventually learn about themselves and how best to manage their own emotions. However if this comes naturally to you then you will want to look for a role as an even security manager. Checking for suspicious behavior and making sure threats are handled quickly and quietly is what you will be doing. A police dispatcher is often the voice of calm and reason to some police officers that are trouble and need assistance. This is also the same for members of the public that are dialing for the emergency services as they are in danger. If you can calm other people down and can be quick with absorbing details then this is a great career with lots of potential for promotions. On the other hand you may want to use you calm and cool mind to work in risk management for a particular business or perhaps be an advisor to a top ranking CEO.


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