Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018


2018 has came at last and while it’s still early January we know that Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. When Liz was little we made lots of last minute runs to town to pick up a package of Valentine’s Day cards. But over the years we have learned to make our own as well as help my nieces and nephews spread the good cheer. While I’m enjoying the holiday as Empty Nesters you do miss those traditions like doing Valentine’s Day cards.


This year Making of a Mom, Life With Heidi  and My Unentitled Life  have teamed up to bring you an amazing partnership for our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018. We have lots of great packages for you to choose from and each one has its own benefits as well as exposure for your brand! If you don’t see something you want, please let us know and we will work out a package just for you!

Email us today to secure your spot in the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Check out all of our wonderful Valentine’s Day Themed printables and more!


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Teach My Products

Teach My are makers of award winning learning tools that help your child get a head start! Our products teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers the basic skills, things like; the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, reading and even math! Our aim is to encourage early learning, parent child interaction, self-esteem and help children to develop fine motor skills and excellent hand eye coordination. Bond. Teach. Play… 20 minutes a day!

Teach My Giveaway

“Choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be easy and extra special if you add a personal touch. People think that personalization is expensive and takes a long time but we’ve perfected the model to make it fast, easy and affordable. We’ve introduced some fun romantic gifts and those that just say I love you so that you can spread the love on cupid’s day,” said Jim Tuchler, founder of

From customized apparel to personalized picture frames, each product is one-of-a-kind and is sure to exceed your loved ones expectations. The Valentine’s Day collection is full of options for friends, lovers, family or any special person in your life:

  • Sexy Gifts for Lovers – customized boxers can spice up any romance with personalized “I Was Here” or “Property of” can be paired with saucy body paint. Prices start at $25
  • Home Décor – from adorable “His & Her” throw pillows and pillowcases to custom picture frames and garden flags. Prices start at $22
  • Home Accents – from acrylic keepsakes to engraved “I love you” puzzle pieces to custom coffee mugs. Prices start at $17
  • Toys/Stuffed Animals– cozy teddy bears that can be customized with your loved ones name. Prices start at $28

Or you can do something for newly wed couples, like I did for Austin and Liz with this adorable blanket.


Personalized Gifts for couples




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jenn fike

what wonderful ideas!


Lovely blog. I have one to share. My hubby gave me a Dreamlines created sketch of my wedding dress. It is the most stunning gift he has ever given me. The detail was just amazing. This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Tyne Caouette

I am so looking forward to Valentines day thanks for the info