Viking Hat for a Dreamworks Dragon Party

Viking Hat

Viking Hat for a Dreamworks Dragon Party

I’m no Pinterest mom, in fact most of the things I make end up in the trash can with no proof they were ever even attempted. But when I saw the first two episodes of Dreamworks: Dragons Race to the Edge I had a plethora of ideas to make the perfect party for kids. But best of all most things I made have been cheap and used things that most of us already have at home! So next up on our party agenda is Viking Hats! 

These Viking Hats were relatively easy to make and I only had to use the following supplies:

Masking Tape

14 x 22 inches piece of poster board (white) 

Silver/Gray Spray Paint



Viking Hat Base

To make the base of my hat I measured two inches wide and then used the 22 inches long side of the board and cut it into a strip. -Then using the masking tape I taped it together to make a circle. Set it aside and cut the strips from the remaining poster board. I ended up cutting the strips the length of the poster board which was 22 inches, and made each strip inch wide. Then I cut them in have and ended up with 12 strips. 

diy Viking Hat

Next I used the strips and the masking tape to make the hat by weaving them together by criss-crossing the strips and taping them into place. Remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect even though we want it too! Continue this pattern until you cover the entire hat with strips and as you can see it doesn’t look perfect! 

Homemade Viking Hat

Set your hat to the side and make your horns for the side. I just quickly drew mine out by hand, then traced the first one so that it would be symmetrical and they would look close to the same once attached to the hat. 

Viking Horns

Attach the horns to the side of the hat using masking tape. Don’t worry about the tape showing because you will paint over it and no one will be any the wiser. 

Easy Viking Hat


After your viking hat is assembled take it outside to a well ventilated area and spray paint it. You can make it as light or as dark as you want. Then, set it aside and let it dry and you will be ready for your Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge party! 

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Finished Viking Hat