Visiting New York City with Kids


Traveling with kids can be both stressful and fun at the same time. To have an experience that leans more to the latter aspect than the former, you will need to take time to plan your trip carefully. By incorporating events that will be fun for both yourself and your children, you will mitigate boredom, tears, and frustration.

Fortunately, there is endless fun to be had across the five boroughs of New York City.


Getting There

Despite its size, New York City is relatively easy to navigate, especially in the tourist-driven areas. To get the most out of your trip, take a look at sightseeing packages & discounts to get your family around quickly and easily while seeing what the Big Apple has to offer.

Here are a few places that are truly fun for the whole family in the city that never sleeps:

Coney Island

Despite its name, Coney Island is a peninsula near Brooklyn. It is home to an agglomeration of carnival rides, restaurants, and even a public beach, making it the perfect family destination in the summer months. It is not a theme park, but rather an assortment of attractions owned by separate businesses.

While you’re there, be sure to take a spin on the Wonder Wheel at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. Unlike traditional Ferris wheels, the Wonder Wheel has cars that slide inward on the track in addition to stationary cars outlining the track. Standing at 150-feet tall, this dreamy carnival ride gives stunning views of Coney Island and can fit six people in one car.

Horizontal aerial view of the Manhattan section of New York City including all of the buildings and skyline in black and white.

Central Park

Central Park is an iconic New York City attraction that both parents and children will love. With hundreds of acres to explore, a zoo, and over twenty playgrounds to choose from, you could spend your entire trip wandering through this stunning oasis.

Fortunately, there is always something to do in the park regardless of the weather. During the winter months, you can go sledding or skating. In the summer, hike through one of the scenic trails, borrow a field day kit and have a picnic, or create a scavenger hunt for the mysterious secrets of the park. Spending a day at the park is a great way to unwind while your children run around and burn off the excess energy they may have accumulated during your travels.

The New Victory Theater

If a Broadway show isn’t in the budget for this trip– or you can’t imagine your kids sitting still– take a trip to the New Victory Theater. This non-profit organization is devoted to cultivating a love of the arts in the youth of today. They produce musical and theatrical shows and events, as well as host immersive workshops for parents and children alike.

Be sure to arrive before the show you choose to catch the Arts Express, in which your children can partake in activities relevant to the show. The “Try This” feature in the main lobby gives kids a chance to interact with different props from the show they are enjoying, giving them a hands-on experience that is sure to keep them entertained.


The American Museum of Natural History

A trip to the museum might not sound like fun when you mention it to your children, but as the Museum of Natural History covers two square city blocks, they are sure to find something that interests them. Visit the life-sized blue whale in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life and the assortment of dinosaur fossils from different time periods.

The Butterfly Conservatory is another feature of the museum that is sure to astound. Your kids will see and learn about the thousands of types of butterflies, their life-cycle, and how to create a butterfly garden to attract these beautiful creatures to your home. The Butterfly Conservatory, like many of the exhibits, is seasonal or rotating, so be sure to see what is in store before you go.