Ways to Make your Business Environmentally Friendly

Ways to Make your Business Environmentally Friendly


 However, if each and every one of us takes the time to implement a few changes in our everyday life, our Earth would be a better place for generations to come. We all know how important recycling is and tend to do so at home. But today we are going to talk about ways to make our businesses more green, in an effort to help lessen our carbon footprint on the Earth.


Think Before You Print

Think before you print, is a great way to make your business environmentally friendly. Encourage your employees to put something like this on all of their emails:

Think Green! Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

It makes everyone stop and think before they hit the print button and most of the time we really don’t need a paper copy of most emails.


Implement the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Yes, we all know this one but one of my all-time favorite ways to reuse paper is simply this. Place a box for people to discard things in that have been used and are no longer needed. Lots of times we only print on one side of the paper, and the back is perfectly clean. Cut that full sheet into 4 and you have the perfect scratch paper for taking notes, messages, and of course doodling.


Shop Eco-Friendly

Check with vendor’s to see if they have green options or what products they carry that have been procured through a green method. Do they have a recycling program in place for their packaging material? Another way to ensure you are doing what is best for the environment is to only use LED bulbs and upgrade all of your appliances to ensure they are high efficiency because the money you save will be your own. Be sure to check out green cleaning supplies too, that is a way that I have changed at my home and have noticed a huge difference in how we feel.

Go Digital

We are a digital society and the more we can add to our website and lessen our printing the better off our bottom line will be as well as the Earth. If you have to print, mail or mass produce something to be sure you are using recycled paper. Initially, the cost is a little more, but the savings add up rather quickly, so for me, it is worth the investment.


Want to Take The Next Step?

Make your business green but need a little help? Apply to the Dr. Usha Rajagopal Going Green Grant. The purpose of this grant is to bring awareness to living a greener lifestyle while also providing one person with $1000 to help them live a greener lifestyle. And as a small business owner myself, I know there are ways I can go greener. So be sure to submit your essay to help your business go green!

Ways to Make your Business Environmentally Friendly



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