Ways to Save on a Kitchen Remodel

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Ways to Save on a Kitchen Remodel

Do you know how many times I’ve stared at my kitchen, wishing it could just change itself? Well, the bad news is that nothing is free. The good news is that you can save on a kitchen remodel, it just takes some thought as to how you will save money doing it. Check out these ways to save on a kitchen remodel and get a new stylish kitchen layout.

Don’t move plumbing around

If you get it in your head that you want to move the plumbing around, then think again. Moving plumbing around can cost a ton of money and has the potential to blow your remodel budget. Plus, if you can use the existing layout you will save money, so that my friends is a win, win. Just pick a stylish kitchen layout and you will be set.

Know your countertop options

Another aspect to keep in mind, when remodeling your kitchen is to know your countertop options. There are some incredibly expensive countertop options out there, but also some cheap ones. I recently covered my old outdated countertops with contact paper to give them an updated look, but that isn’t going to work long term. So we are saving money now to install new countertops as well as cabinets. But living in an old farmhouse, it will be a costly renovation, so for right now, we make due.

If you are going to redo your countertops be sure to Go through the list of options for countertops and choose one that best fits your needs. My next investment is going to be some sort of natural stone when we get the cabinets replaced.  Check out my friends at Premier Surfaces Kansas MO Countertops for some sweet options, that will fit any budget and of course look great in any newly remodeled home.

Premier Surfaces from Kansas City, Missourii

Cheap doesn’t mean bad quality

When it comes to remodeling, you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Your kitchen can be what you make out of it. I have seen people remodel their kitchens for very cheap and they are some of the most beautiful kitchens I have seen.

Saving on kitchen remodel comes down to what you want to spend and what you’re willing to do to save. Saving money on a kitchen remodel is possible if you’re willing to shop around and get the best deal! Check for closet cabinets at your local home improvement stores to see if they have returned items or marked down inventory. I had a friend who shopped our local store daily for an entire month and was able to purchase all of her lower cabinets this way and ended up saving enough to pay for her countertops.

Ways to Save on a Kitchen Remodel

Keep your appliances

To be honest, the most expensive thing you will replace in your kitchen is appliances. Make sure you either keep your appliances or buy used. If you absolutely need new appliances, be sure to shop around for the best deal. If you have a scratch and dent store near you, be sure to give them a try before you shell out the big bucks on brand new appliances. The scratches and dents are usually minor and end up saving you hundreds if not thousands.

There are hundreds of ways to save money when you are planning a kitchen remodel, but you have to put for the effort in order to make it work. Remember that quality is important and it is an investment in your home, that you will enjoy for years to come. If you’re a homeowner who’s ready to add style and resale value to your existing kitchen and bathroom spaces, then it may be time to explore marble as a countertop option. With marble, you can enjoy the amazing beauty that the natural stone brings to your space. At Premier Surfaces in Kansas, City Missouri, they have the quality marble that you need to achieve your design needs — all with great value and backed by excellent customer service. Stop by one of their showrooms during business hours to take a look at our inventory.

How do you like to save money on kitchen remodels? Share your tips below!



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