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Ways to Save on Back to School Items

Ways to Save on Back to School Items

Back to school is officially here and that means it’s time to start back to school shopping. School shopping can be expensive if you are not prepared to save money. One of my biggest tips and tricks is to use Groupons because they have endless savings on things I have to purchase anyway so why not save where I can. I try to never pay full price on anything and while it took a little bit to get to this stage of the game, it has been a journey that I would never change.


Here are some ways you can save on those back to school items.

Go to Free Events

Cities and towns around the world have free back to school events where your child can get a free backpack and maybe some school supplies. Check with companies in your town to see if anyone is throwing an event like this. See what you can get at this event for free and mark the items off of your list.

Shop After School Starts

Retailers have gotten smart and they really push the back to school deadlines. The cheapest products are available right when school starts and after school has started. If you can swing it, start shopping for supplies after school starts to get a great start on savings. Don’t forget to check out Amazon for great prices all year long. They are my number 1 go to online retailer.

Price Match

Instead of wasting your gas going from store to store, look up how price matching can really benefit you. Know what the prices are for the items you need and start price matching. It’s so nice to go to one store to get all of your items!

Look Online

Shopping online for school items is not just a fad, it is a way of life. Looking online for items can save you hundreds of dollars, plus time. If you can’t make it to a store, you can look online for their deals and order right from home. Some companies even offer better deals online than they do in stores. It’s all about keeping an eye on the best deals and staying on budget.

Speaking of staying on budget. Figure out what you need to purchase for back to school and then create a budget. It’s easier to create a budget when you know exactly what you need .It just makes sense if you ask me, and saving where I can allows me to spurge where I want. I’ve used Groupons for years, and I love that they have a “local” selection of services I can purchase to save money on but now they are offering even more savings. Now they are have even more goods for you to purchase!!

What tips do you have for saving on back to school items?

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Ways to Save on Back to School Items