Wedding Guide 2017

Wedding Guide 2017

I received some products to add to this guide, free of charge, however, as always opinions are 100% my own.

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Welcome to the first every wedding guide for Life with Heidi, over the last few years we have done Baby Guides, Back to School Guides, and of course Holiday guides. But then we became empty nesters unexpectedly and life changed. Boy howdy did it change quickly, but we have survived and completed Graduation party followed by our first year as parents of a college freshman. While I’m pretty sure she should still be in diapers, time has a way of getting away from you and it moves faster than ever now that we are truly “empty nesters”. While it has it’s challenges it also has it’s rewards, but then we were asked the question….

Moana brings all the family together

Can I marry your daughter?? Say what!!! You are both really young and you are going to have to work at it to make it work, and you know she is hard to live with right? All joking aside putting it down on paper it doesn’t seem like it should be happening just yet. But here at Life with Heidi we like to go with the chapters of life and celebrate the good times. While she will always be our little girl he is a good kid to have around too. I mean who else would enjoy watching Moana with nieces and nephews, and put up with Liz to boot (his face almost says, I’m scared!) While I don’t have the “official” engagement pictures of them I’m sure they will be coming soon. But in the meantime we are preparing for the wedding, reception and everything in between.

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Brides are inundated with making lots of decisions, and lots of responsibility falls on her shoulders. The brides want the day to be perfect and as a mother of the bride it is my job to help her make those decisions and keep her organized while doing so. One of the things that I dreaded the most after my wedding day and showers was the writing of the Thank you cards. So I went on a search to find the perfect answer to help Liz with Thank you cards.

The Organized Bride's thank you note handbook

The Organized Bride’s thank you note handbook was the perfect addition to our bridal planning supplies. Here’s a little about this awesome book!

Let Systems and 101 Modern Sample Thank You Notes Take You From Overwhelmed to Organized. It’s the book to have on the shelf as the gifts start pouring in and the UPS guy becomes a bride’s best friend.
With systems, humor, and a girlfriends-guide writing style, The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook helps overwhelmed brides (and grooms) attend to the task of writing and tracking hundreds of wedding-related thank you notes—the organized way.
The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook
• eases thank you note writing anxiety
• saves a bride and groom time
• introduces basic organizing principles for thank you note writing which can be applied to all areas of a bride’s life
Unique to The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook
• a seven step system for organizing and composing nuptial notes of thanks
• 101 modern sample thank you notes for jumpstarting the note writing process
• an eye-catching, icon based key for finding the right words quickly and easily

Kitchen items

Kitchen items are probably one of my downfalls because there are so many gadgets and gizmos on the market and I want them all. While I’ve been building my kitchen for a little over 20 years Liz and Austin are just getting started. So I’m taking some time to help them build up their own kitchen collections with some fun products. First up, we added Measuring Spoons and Cups from Simpler Life. While they had a plastic set I knew that they needed a pretty set and of course one that was built to last. So we settled on this fun Copper Measuring Set. Just remember that they are hand wash only so keep them out of the dishwasher. I think that these will be a perfect addition to their Kitchen Collection.

Copper Measuring Cups and spoons from Simpler Life

This next item I am absolutely in LOVE with and can’t wait to share it with the lucky couple. One of the things that I use in my kitchen almost daily is a cutting board and a fun item that we all need to have in our kitchen is a cheese board. The folks over at Copper Fox have both of these gifts covered plus a few more great things I have my eye on. But for our bride and groom who love the outdoors I decided that the Cheese Board was the perfect addition to their kitchen. The Antler Cabin Family Engraved Cheese Board with their last name engraved into one side of the board and the EST date of 2017. How perfect is that!? I know our daughter will cherish this one for years to come and I’m sure it will hang proudly in her kitchen.

Copper Fox Co is great for gifts for brides and grooms

Capresso Iced Tea MakerThis is an essential because they love their sweet tea. I love that it is a gorgeous design and you can brew a refreshing pitcher of iced tea at the touch of a button. Then, you can serve iced tea can be served and stored in the beautiful glass pitcher.


Salt and Pepper Shakers- I know, everyone has them already (which is true) but I wanted them to have a nice set that would last them for years to come. And I know that Liz is like her mom and love freshly ground pepper, so this was a must add to their Kitchen Essentials. So I decided to get them this modern and sleek design from Peugeot-Saveurs.


The next 3 items are fun as well as functional and all came from Kuhn Rikon Shop Pocket makers because homemade pizza pockets are better than store bought and 2 fun decorating items that will allow Liz to decorate cookies, cakes and everything else, her heart desires.

Kitchen Essentials

A bit of a housewares disrupter, FortheChef brings kitchenware to the consumers that previously was only available to professional chefs – and yes, it is very high quality – for a fraction of the cost. It has quickly become a resource for kitchen newcomers and professional chefs alike. From dorm room necessities and stocking up your first kitchen, to finding that perfect, crazy tool, ForTheChef has it  – budget friendly.
Quantum 5 Qt. Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Missed the registry gifts? Don’t sweat it – FortheChef is your one-stop online shop for the practical household necessities. FortheChef is an awesome resource to get the best of the best cookwaredinnerware and flatware sets that are professional grade and truly a fraction of the cost. Choose kitchen products that will last a lifetime, sort of like this marriage!
How to Keep Your Knives in Shape

One of my favorite things about a wedding is choosing a gift for the bride and groom. A wedding gift is a way to send the happy couple off with everything they need. When I was deciding what type of gift to give my daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law, I couldn’t think of a better gift than something from Bella Housewares.

What is Bella Housewares?

Think of anything and everything you could ever want for your home. Now, think of Bella Housewares and you have a perfect match. They sell everything from skillets to slow cookers, along with hand mixers, and many more must have kitchen items. Do you see why I knew I could get the perfect wedding gift from here?

Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Bride & Groom

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum

I love that the Shark Vacuum captures 99.999% of dust and allergens and living in the country you can bet we have those. If you have allergies like me, then you know how important this feature is. There are actually three Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuums available for you to choose from the

Ninja Coffee Bar

Do you know someone getting married this summer? I have the perfect gift to tell you about. My daughter and her soon-to-be husband are trying the knot soon. I kept thinking of something I could get them that would help carry them through their first years of marriage. The first gift idea that came to mind is the Ninja Coffee Bar. I own one and it’s the most fabulous thing you could ever imagine! I can 100% say that a Ninja Coffee Bar is better than a coffeehouse and more inexpensive too!

Ninja Coffee Bar

McCrea’s Candies

The McCrea’s Candies are a luxe caramel that is handcrafted in small batches and is delicious. I’ve quickly dubbed them The Best Luxe Caramel because they melt in your mouth and all taste amazing! They use local, real-food ingredients and package our caramel in beautiful compostable containers and everything is made in America. McCrea’s is a Good Food Award winner, an honor given to outstanding American food producers and the farmers who provide their ingredients. All of the caramels are available to purchase online and in retail outlets throughout North America. And starting at only $4 they have something that is perfect for everyone’s budget. Be sure that you stock up on McCrea’s candies for your Bridal Shower and wedding day. They make the perfect gifts for the wedding party as well as vendors and guests.

The Best Luxe Caramel McCrea's Candies


Isabella Grace Jewelry

Isabella Grace Jewelry is the perfect addition to the guide because their prices are affordable and their pieces are gorgeous. One of my favorite jewelry pieces of all time is the Faith & Love Necklace from Isabelle Grace. This necklace is not only designed to be beautiful, I love wearing it as a statement of my faith every day. Here is why this necklace is perfect for me!

Isabella Grace Jewelry


The LeverGear Toolcard

I love the The Lever Gear Toolcard™ because it has so many uses and features. Everything from a ruler to a wrench, this is a tool I can’t imagine not having. Just the other day, I was outside doing yard work and I need to pull a stubborn nail out of the fence. The Lever Gear Toolcard™ came in handy as I was able to pull the nail out. I use the can opener part more often than I care to admit, but it makes the perfect gift for the groom, groomsmen and best men of the wedding party. We are even ordering a few more to give to the Dads as well as Grandpa’s that will be attending the special day.

Great Gift for Groomsmen

WellnessMats The Perfect Personalized Gift

As you can see in the picture above it looks great in their kitchen (Yes, they got it early!) and they both love it because at the end of the day doing dishes on a hard floor is the last thing they want to do. We went with a Navy Blue as you can see here and went with the Signature Collection because of it’s elegance and of course comfort. It brings a pop of color to any kitchen and they have lots of choices for colors as well as designs and the customization process is easy too!

WellnessMats The Perfect Personalized Gift

Custom Tobacco

Custom Tobacco allows users to create and purchase their very own fully customized premium cigars, including a private label cigar band that can include any messaging, logos, color scheme, etc. Whether there is a special note, a photo, or a personal joke on the cigar band, customized cigars make the perfect addition to your wedding for a cigar bar, groomsman gifts, bachelor party giveaways and so many more ideas. We are putting together a cute gift idea using the ones you see here.

Custom Tobacco is the perfect solution for mens gifts as well as a cigar bar

I wanted you to be able to see the details of the band and while the band looks purple, it is really a navy blue color. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they receive their Thank you gifts for being part of the wedding. Be sure you check out Custom Tobacco for all of your personalized cigar needs.

Custom Tobacco is the perfect solution for mens gifts as well as a cigar bar



Wedding Guide

On a Budget?? Pick up my book Wedding Planning Guide!

Wedding Planning Guide



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