Sale by Months

Sale by Months

January Sale Items

Christmas Items–Stock up on everything you will need for next year’s celebrations at just a fraction of the cost. By January prices are usually anywhere from 75%-90% off. I buy all of my paper plates,cups, napkins this way and store them in a box for the next year. I also buy wrapping paper, bags, tags and tissue paper. Anything else that I think I can use for another holiday or reason throughout the year is also purchased at this time. Find out what else is on sale in January!

February Sale Items
Super Bowl Sunday is in February and that -Always means a get together for us so anything for a party should be on sale. Pop, chips/dips, sandwich items, crackers, appetizer foods, wings, meat and cheese/fruit and vegetable trays. Find out what else is on sale in February.


March Sale Items
March always comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb. As a kid my mom told me after your birthday I promise it will start to warm up. Most of the time she was right, but there were a few birthdays I would have loved to be able to have a party outdoors. Since its the 6th of March that never happened, but that’s ok because we now have a daughter who has one on the 17th and she can sometimes have parties outside. So the old adage in like a lion, out like a lamb usually holds true. Now for the question of What’s on sale in March?

Sale by Months


April Sale Items

Items that are on sale in April include: Computers–Computers also come out in spring so if you buy last years version of a computer you are saving $100’s of dollars each time you upgrade (and you’ll need the computer for your online budgeting!). We get a new computer every 3-5 years or so when we wear out one of them. Find out what else is on sale in April.

May Sale Items

May is a very busy month in my house every year. It seems like I wake up and its the first, I blink and then we are into June. May has lots of great items on sale and I try to stock up with enough to last me a year of the items I use a lot of. Big ticket items that I’ve noticed have been on sale include: Mattresses, Patio furniture, and refrigerators. Check out what other things you should stock up on in May.

June Sale Items

What’s on Sale in June? June sale items are things that you want to stock up on. Many items are on sale this month and I try to buy at least 6 months worth of items for my family. That way I am always buying items at their lowest price and maximizing my savings. June is also National Dairy Month so things like milk, ice cream, cheese, butter, eggs, yogurt are on sale along with these other items.


July Sale Items

July is a busy month because it is National Ice Cream month, summer is in full swing and let’s not forget the 4th of July Holiday. Those are just a few of the great items that will be on sale this month. You want to stock up on things when their prices are at their lowest so you keep as much of your cash as you can.

August Sale Items

What’s on Sale in August?

In addition to the regular sale cycles of everyday items, there are a few items that go majorly on sale during certain months of the year. Back To School Items will be at an all time low so stock up on those items and more.

September Sale Items

There are lots of goodies on sale during the month of September and some of the things that are on sale include Labor Day items, cars and more. Stock up to maximize your savings all year long.


October Sale Items

Each month of the year has special items on sale. You need to be a savvy shopper in order to snag the best deals, but you can get some great things for a lot less. I always shop for the next year after the holidays, end of the seasons, and clearance shop. It saves my family a lot of money over the course of year. It does take some planning ahead and getting used to, but you can do it! Pick up your Summer inventory now to help you save all month of October.

November Sale Items

The biggest thing I stock up on in November is Halloween items. While shopping I check out candy, treat buckets, costumes, fun items and just anything for Halloween. I buy the stuff I will need for the next year’s Halloween a year ahead of time. I store them all in a tote marked Halloween and I never pay more than 50% for anything I need. Candy can be used for Christmas stockings, goodie bags and baking. Check out all of the other bargains to pick up in November.


December Sale Items

What’s on Sale in December? There are lots of goodies on sale this month! Canned & Baking Goods continue to be on sale as the  holiday baking and cooking continue. As well as cold/cough remedies and so much more! Stock up on these items to help you maximize your savings.


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Thank you for this information! Very helpful to know so I can plan my purchases more frugally!

Love this month by month deal finder! Thanks for taking time out of your life to help your readers. I’ve been a stay at home mom now for over 4 years always looking for ways to save money.