What To Include In Your Pet Reward System

We all need something to keep us going throughout the day, week or month. Something that is a reward for us and only us. It could be a professional massage that we treat ourselves to at the end of the week. If you can just get through this work day, despite being sick, at the end of it you can have an extra piece of dessert. If you can just be frugal with your money for one more month, you get to buy a new mobile. We all have a reward system in our minds whether we call it that or not. It motivates us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do or look forward to. So, have you ever thought the same way about your pet? 

Grazing acknowledgment pets

If you look at how the highest trained dogs in the world react to their owner’s petting, you’ll wonder if they’re spoiling them. Gundogs are extremely hard-working dogs that live to please their owners. They don’t need a tasty treat or even words of praise. What they love is physical touching and petting when they’re doing a good job. However, you don’t need to look at them while you do it. It’s almost as if the owner and dog are on the same wavelength and don’t need to make eye contact to communicate. Just a little scratch in the head, a little stroke on the snout and they’re wagging their tail furiously. Love your pet, but be sparing with your affection and when he or she does something right, then you can acknowledge them even without verbal acknowledgment and they’ll value your love so much more.

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Something to gnaw on

Many dog treats are short-lived. They have a burst of flavor and then they’re gone because they’re about the same shape and size, as a pebble. That’s why many owners give their dogs a reward of a pig’s ear or perhaps a bone to gnaw on. However, both of these treats are sometimes very difficult to chew and they don’t always offer the same amount of reward for the time it takes to eat them. That’s why you should Find Out more Today about Stixx and Snaxx. These treats are made out of minced and whipped high-quality bones, yet they don’t pose the same dangers as regular bones. High in flavor, these chewy treats don’t hurt the dog’s digestive system over time yet they give your dog something to gnaw on and enjoy the treat for just as long.

Socializing with others

If you’re part of a tight-knit community of dog lovers, you can organize off-the-cuff playtimes with other owners. This is when your dogs get to run around and play with each other for half an hour or so. Use this playtime as a reward for your dog. If they’ve properly behaved and they don’t cause a fuss at home, your dog can run wild with the rest of the pack, in your local park.

Many owners think a discipline-based system for controlling dog behavior is the only way to go. But just like you, dogs want rewards for things they don’t like to do. 

What To Include In Your Pet Reward System