What You Need to Know About The Pardon Application

Do you want to apply for a pardon?

If you do, then you have come to the right place. Following, we are going to inform you about a few things you should know about the pardon application. It will improve your chances of getting your application approved without an issue.  

Criminal Records and Court Information

Obtain your record and court information and submit them to the government fora proper review. You need to obtain a criminal record. You can obtain it if you submit electronic fingerprints to Canada and wait for the record to arrive.  Every conviction must on record, if something is missing, get the proof of conviction. You must provide the court information about every conviction. This should include the trial method with final payment dates of restitution or fine. 

Fill the form correctly. If you need professional help, do get it. 

Certified Police Checks

As you have the data of your convictions, you should obtain the local police record checks. Fill the official form and submit it to police service with the current address. You are taking responsibility of local police checks of every city or town you lived in the last five years. Once done, the police stations will take responsibilities to fill the forms accurately and place their stamps or seals on them. Even the slightest mistake can get your application rejected. So, you need to take precaution when approaching nationalpardon.

What You Need to Know About The Pardon Application

Legal Pardon Document Preparation 

Once you have the information, prepare for the legal Pardon Documentation. The government won’t be responsible whether you understand the regulations. So, fill the correct forms accurately if you don’t, it will delay your application. Consider the following:

Complete applicable sections of the form and answer every question in blocker letters, use only blue or black ink

Describe the benefits you will get when you are granted a pardon and how you are going to sustain yourself during rehabilitation

Mind the fact that schedule 1 convictions are not pardonable except under a few given circumstances. This is the case. So, you must fill this form and submit with the application

Processing Periods

Once you submitted all the information, you will need to wait for the application to get reviewed. The time it takes for getting your applicable reviewed depends on  severity of your crimes. Once your application gets accepted, the application will be processed within:

· Six months if you committed summary offenses

· 12 months if you went for trial by indictment

· 24 months if the board proposed to refuse the application

You should know this is only the basic overview. There are several important steps in-between these. Your unique situation will have a say on the legal process behind Pardon application.

There are several reasons why your application can be denied. In some cases, you didn’t prepare for the application, or you deny it. It’s possible you didn’t understand the eligibility period. If you want to start the Pardon application, you better get a pardon qualification assessment first.