What’s the Best Way to Road Trip?

“What’s the Best Way to Road Trip?”

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Taking a road trip is something that all Americans should do at some point in their lives. There’s so much of the country to see, and trying to see as much of it as you can in one go is a great way to expand your horizons. Most people will choose to set off in a car or perhaps an RV when they decide to go on a road trip. But there are other options if you want to enjoy sailing down the open road. For example, you might prefer to ride a motorbike or even take buses. Choosing the best way to set off on a road trip can be tricky, so it’s best to think of the pros and cons.

What's the Best Way to Road Trip?


When most people think of road trips, they think of getting in their car and driving. After all, the majority of Americans own a car. If you take only your car on your road trip, you can pack lightly or try to squeeze in as much stuff as possible. You could plan to stop at hotels or motels along the way, or you could pack a tent and camp. Another option is to use a travel trailer so that you can take your living space with you. You’re familiar with your car, and it can get you far. However, if you only have one driver, it can be a little exhausting.



If you’re taking your car, you could use a Curt towing accessory to attach a travel trailer to the back. However, you also have other options if you think a road trip with an RV is the way to go. You can also opt to take a motorhome, and leave your car behind. A motorhome can be more convenient because it doesn’t require any towing. However, some people might find their large size harder to handle. If you take an RV on your road trip, you could have more trouble finding somewhere to park than if you only have your car. But you will have more facilities, greater comfort, and no need for hotels.

What's the Best Way to Road Trip?


Riding a motorbike is highly preferable to driving a car for some people. Of course, you can’t take your whole family on the back of a bike, but it’s great to do solo, with a partner or with a group of riding friends. Riding along the roads on your bike is a thrill, and can feel much more freeing than being in a car. One major downside, though, is that you’re limited in how much stuff you can take with you. What you can fit in your saddlebags is going to have to be enough. Staying at hotels can reduce what you need to take, but you might also choose to take a tent and camp.


Another option is riding buses, such as Greyhound buses. For many people, this isn’t a very appealing option. However, others enjoy it for the cheap cost and because it means they don’t need to drive. You can sit down and wait until you get to your destination. While there can be things that put you off, it’s worth considering.


If you want to go on a road trip, think about your options first. Everyone has different preferences for the best way to enjoy a trip.



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I fondly remember our family road trip to the Grand Canyon when I was in 8th grade. I want to go back soon!