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Which Cannabis Products Should You Use For Winter Skincare?

It is a very common saying that to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, you need to go and stand out in the snow. True! Winter comes with its own charm. But have you ever realized what a wreck your skin becomes during the season? The cold air robs away the glow of your skin. It sucks up your natural moisture leaving the skin dry and itchy. 

We’ve all heard the warning, “Winter is coming” haven’t we? Although not once during John Snow’s defense against the White Walkers, did we see him prepping his skin for the harsh cold winds past the Wall. Luckily, we can plan our skincare regime for the polar vortex. You sure don’t want eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin. 

Medical marijuana can be an effective way to manage your skin. Yes, it has entered the beauty world. Several studies and research have proved the effectiveness of cannabis for skincare. What do you want in your winter skincare products? Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants are the two properties you look for in products, and cannabis has both of them. So, without a shadow of a doubt, marijuana is what you need. Here are some products that you must have in your winter arsenal. 

Cannabis Face Mask

This is a must-have! It works wonders for your skin as well as mental health. The beauty of cannabis is that you can consume it in such different ways. You can eat it, smoke it, vape it, and even apply it. And when it comes to protecting the skin of your face, you can make your own cannabis face mask. Yes, just surf through the internet you will find a number of effective cannabis face mask recipes. Make one every weekend and give your face the nourishment it needs. 

The best part of the cannabis face mask is that it is 100% organic. Why spend a hundred bucks on chemicals when you can get cannabis at much less. Like every part of your body, your skin also needs detoxification. A cannabis face mask can be the solution you are looking for your skin trouble. 

Which Cannabis Products Should You Use For Winter Skincare?Which Cannabis Products Should You Use For Winter Skincare?-2

Canna Lip Balm 

Cannabis-infused lip balms have become very popular. People love it as it has proven to be quite beneficial. Even though several studies and research have reflected the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for skincare, most of us tend to look away when it comes to marijuana. But that is changing. As of now, 33 states have legalized medical cannabis, and people have started to accept it. And rightly so! 

Winters take a massive toll on your lips. The dry weather, deficiency of Vitamin B, wind, dehydration in winters make your lips dry and chapped. This can also lead to bleeding. And if you use lip colors, then they just make it more difficult for you to nourish your lips. Instead of resolving your lip issues, they aggravate them. Fortunately, canna lip balms moisten your lips and bring back its shine and smoothness. 

Marijuana Moisturizer

Our lifestyle and work culture don’t really have time to take care of ourselves. But moisturizer is one thing we all look for before heading outside. They help the skin against the cold, dry winds of winters. Give marijuana moisturizer a try, and you will notice the difference. Regular lotions have chemicals, but a CBD moisturizer can prove to be very beneficial for your skin. It even lasts longer than regular creams. True story! 

It can be used to manage skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, inflammation, and allergies. Cannabinoid moisturizers have proven to be useful for all skin related problems. They come with essential oils that will hydrate and moisturize your skin and heal it. Winters often causes skin redness and makes it rough. You don’t need to buy another medication for that. Canna moisturizer will bring its shine and smoothness back to its best. And these are readily available in almost all states that have legalized medical or recreational cannabis. If you live in California, you can visit your nearest dispensary and get one for yourself. 

Last Thoughts

Summing up, cannabis has come a long way to getting the acceptance it deserves. It is legal now. I got my medical marijuana card in Los Angeles only a couple of years back. And in these years, I have experienced why there is so much hype about this plant. Get a recommendation card for yourself and access these amazing canna products. Winters are unrelenting. They spare no one. So, before you expose yourself to the harsh cold winds, use these canna products to protect your skin.