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Wine Cork Painting

Wine Cork Painting

Wine Cork Painting

It seems like Christmas is just around the corner and with that comes gift giving, crafts and more here at the SMSL household. Every year we try to make a few gifts when the nieces and nephews come over to visit, so that they can have something to give to their parents. Because we have lots of nieces and nephews we have to be able to do the projects cheaply but they have to be cute too. So this year some of the parents are getting these adorable Wine Cork Paintings.

So, before you start gather these simple ingredients. Wine corks can be bought at craft stores or even your local Walmart if you don’t have any on hand. But I always have some on hand from the empty wine bottles. Here are the real simple things you need is to make this adorable craft.

Red, yellow, orange, blue, and green craft paint
Wine corks
Black marker
White paper

Now that you have all of your materials gather your patience and the kids to get to work.

Wine Cork Painting

1. Squirt a small amount of each color paint on a paper plate or scrap piece of paper
2. From one corner of the paper to the other draw a line with many loops

Wine Cork Painting
3. Now the kids can begin stamping with your old wine corks
4. Dip the end of your cork in a little bit of paint and stamp it right on the loopy line

These make the perfect ornament shapes and if you wanted to bust out the glitter it would make an easy craft addition.

After the paint dries, place the Wine Cork Ornaments in a frame, and wrap them up for the kids to give to their parents. I pick up frames at our local thrift store and garage sales for less than 50 cents each. So the total cost of each picture is always super cheap. You could even take it one step further and make up your own Christmas cards using the same principal.

Wine Cork Painting


What other craft ideas do you have to use wine corks with?




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That makes a very pretty Christmas card! I would have never thought to use wine corks for something like this 🙂


wow.. so fun and creative. I never thought about it. i should try it out with my kids this weekend

Liz Mays

I love this idea so very much! I never thought about the usefulness of corks before. Super cute!

Angie Scheie

What a great and festive craft! It seems pretty straight forward too :-D. Pinning this!

Lexie Lane

This is so easy to follow along and I’m sure kids will love to do this!

tiaras & tantrums

FABULOUS idea if you don’t want to buy those paint stamper containers – that are so expensive!! I love this idea! Now I guess I have to get some wine?!

Elizabeth O.

That’s a great idea, it would be nice to do with the kids as well. You can even paint jars and mugs!

Ana De- Jesus

This looks like so much fun it is great to get messy and let loose once in a while. Really gets the creativity going.


very festive artistic work. Love the look so super cute and fun. Perfect for a merry Christmas

Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

That is a super fun idea. I want to try this!