Yoga For Beginners Review


Yoga For Beginners with Desi Bartlett  is a great DVD to use if you have never practiced Yoga. My sister in law Amanda has told me for months that Yoga is amazing, relaxing and a great workout. But I’ve been putting her off for awhile now but when I was given the opportunity to pick exercise DVD’s I decided I would try this one on for size. The first day I was really surprised at a couple of things.

  1. Yoga is a real workout! It doesn’t burn a lot of calories but the effects of it are with you throughout the day.
  2. Lunar is a type of Yoga as well as Solar. I chose to do the Solar first and for the first time in my life 25 minutes of exercise was completed all in one setting. When I was done I felt relaxed, energized, and healthy!
  3. Lunar for me was more of a challenge but I also made it the full 25 minutes, but I felt like I was very relaxed when I was done. But I’m still not sold on the more “energetic” part of things.
  4. Desi Bartlett did an awesome job at breaking it down for a beginner like myself because she went just fast enough to keep moving, but slow enough I didn’t feel overwhelmed.
  5. Her voice is not only instructional but informative and compelling to keep moving. It’s like having your own personal Yoga Cheerleader right in your own living room.
  6. 25 minute videos can be completed in little chunks of time allowing even the busiest of mom’s a little bit of them time.

Because of Amanda’s recommendations I was compelled to do Yoga for Beginners, but with Desi’s support I’m hooked on Yoga!! Each time I’ve done the video in the 25 minute sections, alternating days. So I have now added 25 minutes of Yoga to my other exercise to my day. I’m actually looking forward to exercising now and think that Yoga is a great workout and after just a week I can already tell my body is getting stronger. You should all check out Yoga for Beginners with Desi Bartlett today!!

The product in this post was given to me in exchange for my review/opinion by Acacia Fitness. Even though these products were provided to me at no cost, I only personally recommend products that I think will be good for myself and readers. Thanks to Acacia Fitness for allowing me to review this great product.