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4 Critical Tools to Bring When Camping

4 Critical Tools to Bring When Camping

Camping is a fantastic way to get closer to nature, to take some time away from technology and creature comforts and to reconnect with the simpler things. It also makes for a fun challenge, a time to bond with family, or just a way to explore deeper into the woods than perhaps you could in a single day.

In other words, it’s pretty great. But it has a somewhat controversial reputation, seeing as it should be a way of ruffing it. Here are the 4 Critical Tools to Bring When Camping.


Having a charge of some sort when camping can be a huge help and make a massive difference to your comfort and your safety. A charger of course is something that you can use to power a smartphone or that you can use to charge a laptop. Both these things can be useful when camping – both for entertainment (fancy some music and some games?) and for calling for help or checking where you are on a map.

Power Outlet

There are lots of options for charging when away from a power outlet. These include solar chargers but also things like ‘crank chargers’ which allow you to charge your device by turning a physical handle (which does away with the need for sunlight). You could go one step further and bring an entire solar generator, or you might be able to make do with a small power bank that you charge before you leave the house.

4 Critical Tools to Bring When Camping

Sleeping Bag

Of course it should go without saying that camping will require some form of a sleeping bag, otherwise you risk catching a cold – or just not getting much sleep at all.

But it’s not a matter of bringing any old sleeping. The trick is in getting the right kind of sleeping bag, which should ideally be one built for the season that you will be camping in. A ‘four season’ bag means that it will be suitable for camping in any time of year, including winter. Three season means it is suitable for summer, spring and autumn and so forth.

Ideally, a good sleeping bag should also be somewhat water resistant.

Survival Hatchet

A survival hatchet is a useful axe-type implement that can be used to hack through vines and tree branches, or which can be used to cut rope or even wood for the fire. Many people going camping will think to bring a knife but will overlook the importance of a hatchet. This means they’ll be left without the option to make their own firewood, or to hack through thick foliage. So, check out the best survival hatchet and don’t forget this critical tool!


It should go without saying that a compass can be a helpful tool. Don’t rely on getting GPS signal while you’re out camping unless you have a satellite phone with GLONASS. Even then, don’t rely on your phone always working and carrying charge!

A compass will allow you to do some basic orienteering and to find your way back if you get lost. Combined with a map – which should also be considered a critical tool for your camping trip – it can be a powerful combination that will help you find your way out of trouble in most cases.


There are many more tools for camping of course, and which of these you end up using will depend partly on the type of camping you intend on doing and where it is you are heading. But keep in mind that it’s always better to have a tool and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it. And that sentiment is doubly true when you’re in the middle of nowhere!

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April Monty

These are cool tips, we camped a lot when I was a kid, we would rent sites with power a lot for radio and electric grill etc.