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5 Ways to Have a Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s Day

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If you have been following me any time at all you know that we go a little green in March. The entire time I was pregnant with Liz they only date that I didn’t want to have her was St. Patrick’s Day. And when I went into labor on the 16th, I knew I was safe because I would have the baby long before midnight. But God had a different plan and I had to have an emergency c-section.

While I was being prepped for surgery I kept telling them to hurry because I didn’t want a Saint Patrick’s Day baby. They all laughed and assured me they were doing their best. The Dr. arrived and said, “I told you the baby would arrive on St. Patrick’s Day.”. He was right, at 1:56 am we welcomed a bouncing baby girl into the world. And while my heart was full, I was secretly unhappy about her being born on a holiday.

Baby Liz summer of 1998

My Papa was one of the first people that came into the recovery room to see me, and he jokingly said, be careful what you wish for, you get the opposite. He assured me that it would be fine, and that Elizabeth would grow to love it. Nana, chimed in with now we will just have to have green birthday cakes. I groaned, literally.

But through the years we have embraced the love of St. Patrick’s Day and green foods. During her elementary school years I was also in the classroom and each year we made homemade cupcakes for both classrooms to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day. Which usually meant on the 16th we would bake about 40 cupcakes so that everyone we knew would have a green cupcake. Including the mailman, special class teachers like PE coaches, music teachers and everyone in between.

And this year she is turning 21, which I’m not really sure how that happened. But I do know that we will spend the holiday together sporting our green shamrocks, spending time with family and probably enjoying each other’s company. While I am a firm believer in traditions, I’m happy to say I’m traveling so the green baking will be on someone else this year. But I’m thinking a green beverage at her favorite restaurant in her new town will have to do this year.

My best friend Becky also has a St. Patrick’s Day baby, and although he is a few years older than Liz I know it was meant to be that we are bffs. Read all about their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on her website. How do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

5 Ways to Have a Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s Day

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Stephanie Grant

We decorate, wear green, go to the local parade and I cook a huge dinner of corned beef and cabbage!

Rochelle Haynes

I do not have any traditions


We try to wear green on St. Patrick’s day!

I just loved your post! From a fellow “baby was born on St. Patrick’s Day”, I laugh because I was hoping for a St. Patty’s day baby after I was past my due date. The difference is we never sported the green because of it lol. Love your Lizzy! So glad you had the chance to raise a strong-willed woman!