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Beefy Onion Cheeseball Recipe

I received a Mealthy HandBlend from Mealthy but all opinions are 100% my own as always.

Beefy Onion Cheeseball Recipe

The Holidays

The holidays are upon us and we all know how busy things get. Just a few of my lists this time of the year include a gift buying list, a grocery list, a list of things to make during the holidays, and we won’t even get started on my work lists. But I have an amazing planner that keeps me in check for my daily to-do lists.

This past weekend we had what we call “Thankmas” which is the celebration of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each year one of the dishes that I always bring is a cheeseball. I know, they aren’t tough to make, but that’s really the point this time of the year right?

Well, in true Heidi fashion, I waited until the day before Thanksmas to get to prepping, and I put my “Mealthy Handblend Immersion Blender” to work and let me tell you it is a game changer.Mealthy Handblend Immersion Blender

About The Mealthy HandBlend

It’s a multi-function tool that allows you to whisk, chop, blend, and chop just to name a few. It comes with everything you see here.

Mealthy HandBlend Immersion Blender

Using the Mealthy Handiblend you can use it as a blender to whip up your favorite smoothie, use it as an immersion blender to make delicious creamy soups, and with the top rotary dial you can adjust between ten different speed settings. But if you press the Turbo button you get a burst of power and speed!

The extra-roomy chopper bowl attachment has been used the most so far because I use it to chop onions, jalapeno’s and it handles all of my daily prep work making my time in the kitchen even more efficient. It will even chop ice making it my go-to for smoothies and desserts!

The Mealthy HandBlend immersion blender is constructed of high-quality stainless steel with sharp blades and is 100% BPA-free.

Beefy Onion Cheesball

Beefy Onion Cheeseball

In the beginning, I told you about busy holidays, and now I’m going to share my Signature Family Recipe with you so you can make your own Beefy Onion Cheeball this holiday season.

Gather Your Ingredients

1 box of Cream Cheese (softened to room temperature, or place in microwave for about 30 seconds to soften)

1 bundle of green onions

1 package of dried beef

1/2 teaspoon Garlic Salt

1/2 teaspoon Onion Powder

1 teaspoon Worchester Sauce

1 teaspoon Liquid Smoke

1 cup Shredded Cheese (we used a combination of cheddar and pepper jack (but anything is delicious!)

Beefy Onion Cheesball

In large bowl put your cream cheese in it.

In the same bowl add

1/2 teaspoon Garlic Salt

1/2 teaspoon Onion Powder

1 teaspoon Worchester Sauce

1 teaspoon Liquid Smoke

Then grab your onions and chop them up using the Mealthy HandBlend.

Beef Cheeseball Recipe

Add the chopped onions to the cream cheese mixture, and chop up your beef using the Mealthy HandBlend. Then add the beef to the onions, cream cheese, and whip using the Mealthy mixer attachment. Add in your 1 cup Shredded Cheese (we used a combination of cheddar and pepper jack (but anything is delicious!) Then, form into a ball shape place on cheese ball plate or a cutting board like we did, place your crackers and serve.

This is the perfect dish for holidays because you can serve it right after you make it, or you can cover it with plastic wrap and keep it until the next day. Either way, you go your family and friends will love it and it will quickly become your Signature Family Dish, just ask Brady if you don’t believe me!

Beefy Cheeseball

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Heidi Gray

Money saving Mom/Nan (Grandma) of 1, who loves to travel, cook, and of course spend time with family. Fun.Travel.Food not necessarily in that order serving Missouri and beyond!



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Debbi Shaw

i will try this


I got the immersion blender from mealthy and it is super awesome and amazing. My immersion blender was broken so pretty grateful to have upgraded.

Amy D

I’ve never made a cheeseball, and this looks delicious and easy. I think I may try this for my next moms club meeting.

Marisela Zuniga

YUm! This looks really good

missy ellis

that looks good

Amy D

I’ve never made my own cheese ball, but this is a great idea for this upcoming super bowl weekend. It looks easy enough and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

June S.

(BEEFY ONION CHEESEBALL RECIPE) My husband and I have made of few of these different type of cheese balls in the past for when company is coming over. They are really easy to make too.

Dorothy Boucher

I love that recipe on that beefy onion cheeseball, I don’t even think I have ever heard of dried meat before, I’m going to have to check it out, either way , Thanks for sharing your recipe .

Nancy Burgess

This sounds so good I’m going to try this.

Michele Pineda

Will have to try out the recipe for the holidays, it looks really easy to do and sounds like it would taste wonderful.

Dana Rodriguez

omg that looks delish! Thanks for the recipe!!

Shakeia Rieux

I never tried this but it does look good. This is something I have to try.

Trisha McKee

Thank you for sharing the recipe! This will be perfect for the holiday get togethers.

Seyma Bennett Shabbir

I really can’t wait to try this recipe. This would be perfect during the holidays and a great dip for chips and crackers.


This sounds like a wonderful idea for the holidays parties. Thank you for sharing the recipe at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

Dorothy Justine Reynolds

Thanks for the recipe! I think I’m going to make this for my son’s birthday party on Saturday! Can never go wrong with a cheese ball!

Shirley Emitt

This is going to be on my want list.

Carrie Lancon

I would make angel food cake from scratch

Shirley Emitt

Love this, like to make ham salad.

Seyma Bennett Shabbir

The recipe looks amazing. I could use a blender to make sundried tomato pesto.


I would make a spinach dip with artichokes

Beth Bendl

I would make split pea soup

Susan P.

I would make Butternut Squash Soup.

vickie Couturier

that really looks so easy to make and yummy looking too

Babette Thurston

I have always wanted to make a delicious and silky soup with a multi blender! Or fruit smoothies! Yummy!

Kayla Oliver

I would make a smoothie 💕😄


I think this would be great for making gazpacho in small batches because it is fresh and is hard to keep.

Kelly M.

If I won my own Mealthy HandBlend, I would first make either a milkshake, or a smoothie. Either way…yum!

Jamie Martin

Egg salad!

Meg Tucker

I would make a creamy hot soup first!

Hope F

I would make salsa

Surinder gurm

Butternut squash soup

Nidhi Chauhan

This looks yummy. I would love to try this recipe.

Ruth McGhee-Bey

I would make an adult beverage; like a strawberry daiquiri. Just enough to relax and put my feet up with my cat on my lap.

Valerie L

I will like to try the cheese ball recipe

Mary Gardner

I would make some creamy pumpkin and squash soup!


Id make some salsa!

Jessica Marinaccio

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Kelly D

I would make a tomato soup.

June S.

I would use the Mealthy HandBlend when I make some of my homemade soups, and for recipes that have cream cheese in them.

Tracy Z

I would make a lemon meringue pie!

debbie wilson

A Spinach Dip 4 Christmas Eve Merry Christmas Tsvm


The first thing I would make if I won the Mealthy Blend would be an eggplant soup that I make. Usually I use a food processor, but I would love to use this tool to blend it smooth.

Kelly Hanley


Amy K

I’d make a strawberry daiquiri!

Cheryl Everitt

If I were to win this awesome hand blender my granddaughters and I will make smoothies.

Cheryl Everitt

I am gonna try my hand making this cheeseball. Thank you for sharing.

Laurie Nykaza

Pressure Cooker Butternut Squash Soup I would use it to blend it with looks amazing.

Eva Mack

I would make a cream cheese and olive dip

Kelly D

This looks great. I will keep it in mind for the holidays.